Thursday, May 19, 2016

Conservative Group Fights California AG’s Attempt to ‘Chill’ Speech

Though a federal judge recently ruled that a conservative nonprofit group doesn’t have to disclose its donor list to California’s Democratic attorney general, conservatives believe this case is just the latest in an ongoing fight related to political activity and free speech.

“This was a great victory for free speech for everyone in this country,” said Mark Holden, the general counsel for Koch Industries, and a board member of Americans for Prosperity, the group asked to disclose its donor list.

“This effort to chill our right to the First Amendment is critical to what the left’s whole agenda is,” Holden told The Daily Signal in an interview. “They talk about getting big money out of politics, but what they really mean is going after speech and activity they disagree with, made by groups they disagree with.”

But the legal fight is not over, because Harris intends to challenge the decision with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

The case centers around Harris’ aim to enforce a California state law that requires charities, such as Americans for Prosperity, to file a copy of their IRS tax return with the state, including a so-called Schedule B form that includes the names and addresses of donors who donated more than $5,000 during a year.

In his order, Real said Harris had failed to prove that the state needs donor information to properly investigate charities active in California.



Bird of Paradise said...

Like all typical narrow minded liberal leftists Harris thinks the U.S. Constitution is old and outdated and needs replaced with various UN treaties and when it comes to enemies of the constitution foreign and domestic the demacrats fit right it

Anonymous said...

This will end up at the Supreme Court which hopefully will have a conservative judge appointed before it gets there. If the left truly want to clean out big money in electoral campaigns then they should start with George Soros along with his cronies and until they do their effort is purely political grandstanding trying to deny the opposition the same rights. Do the left really fear democracy so much that they need to stack the deck?

Anonymous said...

The comufornia AG has already stated for the record that if they get these donor lists the lists would be public record and available for freedom of information requests. The donors could then be intimidated at the lefts leisure. Another blatant attempt by the progressives to intimidate or ban any speech they do not agree with.


Anonymous said...

Anon 2:00 - Yes, the left always fears the right so much that they feel they have to stack the deck.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Kamela Harris needs to resign this is a witch hunt by the left against Conservatives