Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Must not call drug addicts drug addicts

White House drug czar Michael Botticelli said Thursday that using “terms like abuser and addict” to describe people with drug addictions makes it less likely that they will get treatment.

“Funding isn’t our only barrier to expanding treatment. We also have an enormous hurdle to overcome, and that’s shame and stigma,” Botticelli said.

“Stigma is an obstacle for people reaching out, reaching recovery, and living healthy and productive lives. That’s because stigma breeds prejudice, discrimination. It alienates and isolates people. It prevents them from accessing treatment and even seeking it in the first place. It says you should be ashamed because you have a disease,” he said.

“In fact, research has shown that when we use terms like abuser and addict to describe someone with a substance use disorder, that person is actually less likely to be offered treatment or to receive treatment, and often contributes to negative public policy,” he said, adding “and this stigma extends to other aspects of recovery, including housing and employment opportunities so needed for people to be stable in their recovery. “



Bird of Paradise said...

Crack-heads,dope-heads and whining whitehouse whining wanks

Anonymous said...

PC nonsense again !

Anonymous said...

"...including housing and employment opportunities so needed for people to be stable in their recovery." That was all available to the druggies and addicts BEFORE the became addicts and, for the most part, they threw it away. As for "shame," I am pretty sure that died in the 60's and won't be back.


Anonymous said...

The first step in ALL statistically successful addition recovery programs is admitting that you are an addict. That admission is the bedrock on which to build a new life and a "survey" that shows otherwise is seriously suspect.
Humans are weak and progressives preach that weakness should be indulged rather than confronted and if you cannot overcome it at least be able to make progress against it. Progressives want us weak because weak people can be controlled easily.


Birdzilla said...

They call it Dope for a reason becuase its used by dopes

Anonymous said...


What's your excuse?


Anon 1:08 Dope is for dopes Hollywoods a perfect example of what im squawking about

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Drug dealers are worst then ever they sell their poisons to the innocents