Monday, May 02, 2016

Farrah Abraham lashes out at Blac Chyna in racist Instagram post calling model a 'f***in monkey' and 'a nothing'

Farrah Abraham has come under fire after she lashed out at Blac Chyna with a racist comment on Instagram. The former Teen Mom star wrote a bizarre, seemingly unprompted comment on Blac's account on Friday.  'F**kin monkey ewe s**t come up 4 what she is a nothing,' the 24-year-old wrote after Blac shared a video showing off a new lace choker.

But Farah deleted her attack after it set off Blac's fans, who were quick to come to the beauty salon owner's defense.

'Before you degrade somebody else don't forget where you came from,' wrote one commentator. 'Not knocking you but you were Teen Mom, and then became a pornstar or if that's what you like to call yourself! You are no better than anyone, and for you to say something so degrading and so nasty just shows what kind of person you are!'


Abuse answered by abuse.  That's how it should be.

But the use of "monkey" makes it clear that there was a racial element in the comment.  Abraham is a classically beautiful woman of Mediterranean ancestry and appearance,  whereas Chyna does have some pronounced African features which Abraham could well see as ugly.  See below:

I have read that most African men admire a very large bottom, so her appeal may be mainly to that audience


Bird of Paradise said...

Stupid whining liberal whiners need their mouths washed out and picking up the mess after a earthday celebration

Anonymous said...

Just saying but male monkeys do tend to like to see inflamed asses on female monkeys.

Anonymous said...

that "large bottom" is full of silicon.

Anonymous said...

Some might find her attractive. That is good because it will keep them away from pretty women who don't sport an unattractive fat arse. Each to his own as she is definitely not my cup of tea and would not give her the time of day in any media.

Anonymous said...

I bet her farts smell like strawberries.