Thursday, May 12, 2016

Must not think suicide bombers are likely to be Muslim

Police were today accused of 'bowing to political correctness' after issuing a grovelling apology for allowing a mock suicide bomber to scream 'Allahu Akbar' during a terror training exercise.

Greater Manchester Police were preparing officers for a 'Daesh style' extremist assault similar to those that killed hundreds in Paris and Brussels.

Footage of the terror exercise showed a masked 'suicide bomber' storming into the Trafford Centre and yelling 'God is great' in Arabic before fireworks exploded representing his suicide belt being detonated, while 800 bloody volunteers acted out being killed or injured as armed officers swept the mall for other jihadis.

But within hours the force issued a humbling apology after being accused of Islamophobia for assuming terrorists would be Muslim.

The decision to apologise has backfired, with Twitter outraged by the constabulary's political correctness, saying they were right to make the exercise as similar to previous ISIS planned attacks such as Belgium and Paris as possible.



Anonymous said...

Once again the PC mindset overrules sanity. Why shouldn't the emergency services train for the most likely attack? After all it wouldn't be the first time that adherents of Islam have attacked London.

Bird of Paradise said...

This PC nonsense is liable to get someone killed over some ultra sensitive little twat the gets offended over the truth

Anonymous said...

First rule of warfare: know your enemy
Seems some arseholes cant handle the truth. Political correctness will destroy a country if the populace allow it. First get PC out of the courts along with the doogooders. Second get political correctness out of politics and the laws they make. Thirdly don't tolerate politically correct activists, give them jail time instead. A turd is a turd no matter how you present it. Same applies to Allah's adherents.