Sunday, May 22, 2016

'Luvvie' is as bad as the N-word(?)

(In both Britain and Australia, "Luvvie" refers to the influential clique in the entertainment and literary industry.  Their views are strongly Leftist and they are very sure about what is right and wrong.  They don't think much of ordinary people either.  They are happily elitist)

Calling actors ‘luvvies’ is as offensive as using racial slurs, Tom Conti said yesterday.

The 74-year-old star was backed by fellow veterans of the stage and screen Peter Egan and Dame Janet Suzman.

The three have become embroiled in an astonishing war of words with a Labour councillor after he called celebrities ‘livid luvvies’ for protesting about plans for a new supermarket in north-west London.

Shirley Valentine star Conti, who lives in a £17.5million mansion in Hampstead, told the Daily Mail that to use the word ‘luvvies’ was ‘as abusive as “Yid” or “n*****” and it’s a horrible expression.

The row began after councillor Theo Blackwell wrote to his local newspaper citing the endless complaints from well-heeled residents in the area, including Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson.

He noted that they attacked plans from Tesco or Sainsbury’s but did not care about setting up ‘roadblocks’ to stop Ocado delivery drivers. Mr Blackwell also accused the same campaigners of making ‘spurious claims against the new Cycle Superhighway route’.

And he ended his letter by stating: ‘So let’s have less of the “livid luvvie” protests – not everyone locally thinks the same on all these issues.’



Anonymous said...

The "elite" think that they are not to be bothered or opposed.

Bird of Paradise said...

Some people are so easly offended by the slightists word and they run off the tell that their being pick on

Unknown said...

So a luvvie is the British equivalent of a limousine liberal?

Anonymous said...

Luvvie is an inclusive term used by the homosexual film and theatrical fraternity and goes back to the start of the last century at least. The Labour councilor is obviously a wanker for his use of the term.

jonjayray said...

I don't think most are queer

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Liberals think Free Speech is only for them typical backward thinking idiots