Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Must not imply that blacks are lazy

It's very dangerous to find some things funny

An internal investigation with Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office probed Lt. Trudy Callahan, a 20-year-veteran of the police force, and her Instagram account where she posted an image of a black man lounging on a chain-linked fence.

“Yeah its almost Friday so get your Hood Hammock,” Callahan wrote in a caption from 2015. “Ready to chillax.”

The image went viral on Reddit well before Callahan’s Instagram post. It has been circulating on social media for more than two years without any indicator of where or when it was taken.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Lt. Trudy Callahan has been suspended for 10 days for violating the agency's social media policy.

In the wake of racist allegations, Callahan deleted her Instagram account and is now appealing her suspension from the agency, according to the Florida Times-Union.

She believed the posts were “taken out of context” and “twisted and turned to fit people’s agendas,” Callahan said defending herself in a report obtained by the Times-Union.

While none of the images were taken or created by Callahan, she re-shared the pictures with captions that were also interpreted as racially insensitive.



Bird of Paradise said...

Oh yeah some sniveling,whining little wanks sensitive little feeling might be hurt. Weere raising a whole bunch of whining little wanks

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, the captions were racially insensitive. When have the black "leaders" ever been sensitive ?

Anonymous said...

Oh my, the truth hurts the leftist version of reality. The left would have you believe that every welfare recipient is out there diligently looking for work. The visual reality is 180 degrees opposite. Same for the hard working illegals. The minorities in general rely on welfare and other government subsidies so they don't have to bother looking for work. Time for the US to take a reality check and crack down on freeloaders.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Lying on a chain link fence it to be hell on his back