Thursday, May 19, 2016

‘Size matters’ billboard promoting breast augmentation sparks outrage

A giant billboard on a major freeway in Murrieta, California is stirring up controversy, with a local high school student launching a petition to have it taken down.

The billboard features two takeaway coffee cups — a smaller one labelled ‘B’ and a larger one labelled ‘D’ — with the phrase “size matters” separating the two.

The sign was erected by plastic surgeon Brian Eichenberg back in January to advertise his most popular procedure — breast augmentation. He argues the ad is really just about prompting a discussion.

But it didn’t sit too well with 15-year-old Anna Gorski, who launched a petition three weeks ago to have it removed and is swiftly gaining hundreds of signatures.

“It’s degrading, it objectifies women’s bodies ... it’s not as harmless as he thought it was ... hundreds of people take it to heart, I think it’s offensive,” Ms Gorski says. “I don’t think size matters. I don’t think a billboard should be telling me that size matters.”

Dr Eichenberg said the divisive billboard has generated plenty of publicity for the company.



Stan B said...

And the controversy has created even MORE buzz about the surgeon and his services. As for the "petition to remove," welcome to's your first amendment.

Anonymous said...

One would hope that when she decides to sleep with men that size doesn't matter. Will that be the case? I have to wonder.

dman said...

Outraged student: I'm offended!

Company: That's nice.

Outraged student: I'm never patronizing your business!

Company: Okay.

Outraged student: And neither are all these people who signed the petition!

Company: So, you and all the people on your petition be coming in to get plastic surgery if we take the sign down?

Outraged student: No! It's demeaning. We would never have that procedure done!

Company: So, tell me again why you think we care about your opinion?

Anonymous said...

Would Anna Gorski have objected if the government had it covered under Ocare?

Anonymous said...

Women are the ones who most objectify women's bodies.
Personally, I feel sorry for women with large breasts; they must be a constant physical burden.

Bird of Paradise said...

Just like with Silicone breat Implants was suppost to cuase breat cancer it wasnt true but still a bunch of crooked lawyers made a cool million or so pasaquas