Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Britain to block 'extreme' broadcasters

Aimed at Muslims

The UK's broadcasting watchdog will reportedly be given more powers to gag programmes believed to include "unacceptable extremist material" as part of a new crackdown on hate speech.

David Cameron will apparently widen Ofcom's remit and also extend vetting rules so that employers will be informed of "known extremists" in a bid to stop them working with children and other vulnerable groups, The Times reported.

The measures, which also include an independent review of so-called "Sharia courts" in Britain, will make up an Extremism Bill. The draft legislation will reportedly be announced by the prime minister on 18 May and will be included in the Queen's speech.


Clearly, something has to be done about Muslim hostility but kicking the hate preachers out would be preferable.  The Left call all sorts of things "hate" but Muslim hate is the real thing, and it does erupt into killings


Bird of Paradise said...

To brain-dead liberals Hate Speech is any speech like they consiter offensive to minorities and the so called refugees

Anonymous said...

Islam is an evil religion !

Birdzilla said...

God created christianity satan created islam

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind betting that the legislation will be used against the hateful right long before it is used against muslims or the obnoxious left.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

God put liberals on the earth but named them fools