Tuesday, May 17, 2016

That good ol' blackface again

American neuroses about race have not yet totally spread to Australia. It seems to be a common thing among Caucasian populations to find blackface funny.  But you have to be careful about what you laugh at these days

VICTORIA’S Frankston Bombers football club is in hot water after posting images of teammates in blackface on social media, with calls for an inquiry into the matter by the Mornington Peninsula Nepean Football League.

When approached for comment the club’s president Chris Sharman attempted to downplay the incident.

“There was nothing racist about Saturday’s event. We ran an iPod Shuffle Night where everyone dressed up as their favourite musicians,” he said.

However, not everyone is in agreement with Sharman.



Anonymous said...

It is definitely spreading to Australia and will become standard soon.
I have been thinking about this issue.
It is sad that people who want to celebrate or support their favourite pop star/sportsperson cannot dress up to appear like them if that favourite personality happens to be black.
If a black person told me what I was doing/wearing/saying was upsetting to them and asked me to stop - would I?
Well, I probably would.
But then, where does that end?
If I decided that I found check shirts offensive (maybe I was assaulted by someone in a check shirt) and asked people to stop wearing them - would that be reasonable?
Is it enough that someone finds something offensive? Do we all have to conform to other people's sensitivities?
I hope common sense can prevail - when no offense is intended, why take offense?

Anonymous said...

The professional offendees in Aus are at it again. How is it that whiteface is acceptable but blackface is not? Some suggest that blackface mocks victims of slavery where whiteface does not. If you are going to develop moral standards the standards must be consistent, area that progressive socialists fail miserably in. If you want to create white resentment lefties just keep going the way you are.