Tuesday, February 02, 2016

UK: Tesco removes sexist birthday card saying 'Inner beauty won't get you free drinks' from shelves after just ONE complaint

A bit of cynical realism was too much for one female -- presumably one who rarely gets free drinks

Supermarket giant Tesco is removing a sexist birthday card which boasts 'inner beauty won't get you free drinks' from its shelves after receiving just one complaint.

A shopper angrily condemned the retailer on social media this week after noticing the 'moronic' card while at a Tesco store in Horwich, Bolton, Greater Manchester.

The woman claimed the supermarket was 'living in the dark ages' and said she was offended by the card's message, which jokes about women flaunting their looks.

The front cover of the offending birthday card carries the words: 'To a Fab Sister. Remember, inner beauty...won't get you free drinks!'

The woman, who asked not to be named, tweeted the company on Monday morning to say: 'Found this on a shelf in your store...nice to see how you view women!!!'

Tesco replied: 'I'm sorry to see this. I'd like to look into this for you, please can you advise the store you visited?'

The official Tesco Twitter account pledged to pass on her feedback to the store in question, and the supermarket has now agreed to 'phase out' the card from stores across the country.

A spokesman confirmed: 'We've listened to customer feedback and will be phasing this design out of our card range.'



Anonymous said...

Bitchin' & moanin' won't get ya free drinks either. At least not from me.

Bird of Paradise said...

Just like canceling a big holiday event just becuase one jerk complains about it or removing a ten comandments tablet just becuase some idiot came by on his stupid bicycle and was offended Im getting so tired of whining liberal whiners

Anonymous said...

Brought back bad memories to the whining bitch who couldn't get laid if she paid for it. I am tired of these morons and the institutions who cave to them.

Anonymous said...

Who put a fucking gun to this bitch's head to compel her to buy this card?

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Give some people their way and birthday cards would be banned as offensive to whining liberals

Anonymous said...

If she feels so strongly about it, why does she want to remain anonymous?