Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Australia: Must not suggest that blacks eat fried chicken

A restaurant has come under fire after a diner spotted what he believed to be an offensive artwork amid vintage wallpapers perpetuating racial stereotypes about African-Americans.

Comedian Aamer Rahman posted photographs of the controversial interior displayed inside Melbourne eatery Fried and Tasty (F.A.T) on his Facebook page, including a mural of US slain rapper Biggie Smalls (B.I.G) holding a fried chicken drumstick in his hand.

The Brunswick East cafe - known for its old school southern style fried chicken, buttermilk waffles, burgers and beers  - also features a white family armed with guns and a vintage - American pancake syrup brand - Aunt Jemima advertisement.

'Today in gentrification: Melbourne hipsters pay tribute to a dead black artist by opening a Biggie Smalls themed fried chicken restaurant, "The Notorious F.A.T",' Rahman wrote in the post.

'...Complete with photoshopped mural of Biggie holding a fried chicken drumstick, Aunt Jemima wallpaper, and pictures of white families with guns. You cannot make this stuff up.'

However, Fried and Tasty co-owner Jonathon Ionnou has defended the posters against critics, saying the artworks have 'nothing to do with racial stereotypes' in an apology on Facebook.

'When my cousin Terrence and I took the plunge and decided to open our own restaurant last year our idea was to cook comfort food, and mix it with a bright, bold and fun experience for everyone who dined with us,' Mr Ionnou said on the cafe's Facebook page.

'We brought Mum and Dad's secret fried chicken recipe with us, chose the music we grew up with, and mixed it with retro decor and a Southern American theme.

'At no stage did we set out to upset anyone with our decor, and for those we have offended we apologise as it was never our intention for FAT to be anything but a great place to eat.'

Mr Ionnou told The Age that the restaurant will replace some of the offensive artwork after receiving widespread criticism - but added they were a big fan of Biggie Smalls.

'We used to listen to Biggie Smalls and we liked his music so we wanted him to be part of our restaurant... and we want him to stay,' he said. 'As for the other images we will be replacing them.'



Anonymous said...

Those who search for offense are able to discern it everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Why replace Aunt Jemima?? I can go into any grocery store in Florida or Georgia and buy Aunt Jemima syrup(Probably other places as well). I love that stuff on my pancakes and waffles!!!


Anonymous said...

The only thing racist in this portrayal was Biggie Smalls who is racist against whites in the vein of Malcolm X and Louis Farrakhan. Biggie was notoriously sexist as well but that was not brought up. How white people with guns are racist is a leap only a progressive could make. I suppose if biggie had a more trademark gun instead of the drumstick that would have been showing his “resistance to oppression”. This is but another example of the uselessness of social media.


Bird of Paradise said...

Oh stop your stupid whining liberal whiners

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Whining little whiners Please Grow Up

Alpha Skua leader of the skuas said...

I.ll bet black enjoy fired chicken just as much as anyone else