Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Muslim hate speech written on Sacramento State campus

Experience suggests that the perp was a Leftist stirring up a burst of self-righteousness

Sacramento State officials are investigating hate speech writing discovered Tuesday on campus.

University President Robert Nelsen said the hate speech was written toward the Muslim community on campus.

"I was heartbroken and angered to learn that this happened on our campus," Nelsen wrote in a message to students, staff and faculty. "We are a Hornet family, and we will not stand for this kind of treatment of our family members."

The incident happened in the quad area of campus where student organizations gather to recruit and educate other students.

The Muslim Student Association was working at its table and took a break to go to class. When the students returned they found the hateful message.

"When I saw it I was just angry," said Rima Hakim, President of the Muslim Student Association. "It (the message) was a combination of Islamophobia and racist, and the person was pretty inaccurate in their vocabulary, so it was a little amusing, but it was really offensive."



Anonymous said...

There are mental slobs everywhere.

Bird of Paradise said...

Leftists are totaly atheists/Secular they reject any form of religion no matter what from their sinister leaders like Karl Marx Lenin and all the rest

Anonymous said...

Bird of Paradise,

Your statement is ridiculous an shows a total lack of engagement with anyone outside of your own nest.

Furthermore, if "leftists are totaly (sic) atheists," and "reject any form of religion," you must be saying that Muslims, and even radical Islamic jihadists must be on the right / conservative side of the political spectrum.

Bird of Paradise said...


Anonymous said...

Bird of Paradise,

I want to personally thank you for that well thought out and well reasoned response.

It is typical of you when confronted with your own idiocy.

You have a penchant for blaming others for your failures.

Princess Parrot, the far out bird, beyond the black stump, said...

Its true that most leftists are anti-church and anti-Christianity. They tend not to be anti-Islam though. Many, if not most, are pro-Islam or sympathetic to it, or rather to what it can do. Its also true that the Church and its churches have their left-right divisions, as do all western groups, organisations and institutions. The left-right division is everywhere in the west because it is in the western heart.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

The left are totaly atheists,secular in like that Newdow diot and his cronies demanding we remove IN GOD WE TRUST from our coins and currancy a bunch of selfish self-centered products of the ME GENERATION I hope Newdow loses his lawsuit i want him and his buddies to Eat Crow

Anonymous said...

The left are totaly atheists....

No, but thank you for playing and ignoring reality.

Tidford Tatt said...

The radical Left certainly does seem to approve of Muslim paculiarities far more than one would expect given the rampant sexism and homophobia found throughout areas where Muslim culture dominates. I suspect this derives from that stupid bromide: "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Lefties abhor traditional Christian values, likely because they recognize the underlying value of those values and are humiliated and embarrassed by how far they, in their profoundly self-centered lifestyles, fall short. Any philosophy that highlights someone's scumbaggery is certainly unlikely to be well recieved by the scumbags.

For these Lefties Chritianity and it's values are "The Enemy". Given that the sicko-est Muslims also despise Chritianity, it only stands to reason that those Lefties who follow the "Enemy of my enemy is my friend" bromide are going to find themselves aligned with all other haters of Chritianity. One might call them a Confederacy of Haters, for truly, isn't that what they are?

Tidford Tatt said...
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Princess Parrot, outback bird, said...

I think Tidford Tat hit the nail on the head. However, leftism is a spectrum, with any segment of it self-contained with its own left-right divide.

Every western institution and group has its left-right sides, relative to its centreline, including the Church and its churches. This is because the left-right divide is in the western heart, and an individual inclines to one side or the other of his heart, and people congregate in close but not quite sympathy with each other, and so the divide is reflected in a pair, in a group, and within every western organisation and institution, and in all its layers and segments. (Luke 12:51-53)

The left is a self-interested reaction against truth and genuine goodness, using pseudo truth and apparent goodness, and in a sort of "anti-accordance" with the truth and goodness that it is opposing. (I John 2:19)

The true opposition to good is not apparent evil but apparent good. Understanding leftism is in that concept. Apparent or blatant evil as we commonly see it is in the middle of the spectrum, with apparent goodness toward the left and goodness towards right, and intelligence like a U-curve scaling upward left and right as well, and influence, ideas and initiative flowing downward from both sides towards the centre.

In the west we progress left and right, bouncing forward from each other, like left-right steps. Socially, because of the existence of goodness, evil needs to appear good, and goodness needs apparent goodness to compete with. So it is a symbiotic relationship. Historically non-western nations have been ruled by a hierarchy of strength, a downward force, more than by competing ideas of goodness driving forward as western nations are. Hence our greater ailment is hypocrisy, theirs is corruption.

There is only one truth, and that is reality - what is, and how things are, overall and in its parts. And only one goodness, and that is what's true and genuine. All else is fake, emotional, self-interested and of the left, including further emotional and self-interested reactions against the left which all cluster together, left and right of each other, but all on the left with similar underlying values just different methods.

Interestingly, the heart is divided left and right but positioned left and centre. There is really only centre or left, for the right side of the heart is the centre of the chest.