Sunday, February 28, 2016

Advertisements must not include attractive women

AUSTRALIAN TV personality and former Test cricketer Mike Whitney has made for some awkward advertising in a new commercial for the Gold Coast Sixes cricket.

The ad features Whitney between two bikini clad women on the sand of a Gold Coast beach, advertising a long weekend cricket tournament set for the June long weekend later this year.

The online ad was shot on a Gold Coast Beach, with many calling the clip "cheap and tacky" or ‘degrading.’

The ad, which has sparked ‘sexism’ backlash, talks about the tournament which will cost $449 per person and include $900 worth of parties, drinks, meals and cricket gear. There will be free beer for the skipper and a chance to win $100,000.

"This is not just a cricket tournament — it’s a three day, four night carnival held up here on the Gold Coast," Mr Whitney says to the camera while standing between two bikini clad women.

"I’ll be here, the girls will be here and were looking forward to welcoming you," he says as the models wave to the camera.



Anonymous said...

The event would seem to be attractive to those who want to participate.

Bird of Paradise said...

Waah waah waah silly bunch of whining liberal whiners cant say or do anything without offending some liberal twat

Anonymous said...

The problem is that feminism and choices are supposed to allow people to make choices that hurt no one else but are best for them.

Many feminists don't want woman to make choices. They want women to make choices they and only they approve of.

If someone wants to participate in a advertisement dressed in a bathing suit or very little fabric (male or female) that is their choice.

Alpha Skua leader of the skuas said...

Anon 12:06 Yeahs its just too bad some dont beleive in Free Choice or Free Speech especialy in our uviversities and collages

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Leftists want to totaly destroy our constitution and replace it with various UN(Useless Nations)Treaties

Storm the Albatross said...

Crimanitly these liberals are totaly nuts wheres the guys with the streightjackets and butterfly nets they need a padded cell