Monday, February 08, 2016

Must not mention the destructive effects of the welfare state

A Tory politician has come under fire after posting an image of a leaflet on social media which claims migrants should come to 'England, the Welfare Country' where 'only suckers work'.

Matthew Sephton, a Conservative councillor for Altrincham, Greater Manchester, posted an image of a flyer seemingly aimed at foreigners, urging them to come to England to get 'free' benefits.

The leaflet reads: 'Tired of your job? Sick of working 40 hour or more each week just to feed your family? Would you like to relax all day and still have all the benefits of a full time job?  'If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should consider moving to England, The Welfare Country.'

The leaflet goes on to say that those who 'qualify' can expect to enjoy free housing, utilities, food, medical and transport services, and legal aid, in the UK.  It says people can 'collect for life', adding that those who want to 'receive all of this without working for a living' should 'contact the benefits agency'.

The image was accompanied by the tweet: 'I'm glad that @David-Cameron's @Conservatives government is restricting & limiting benefits but still more to do...'

However, the post was quickly criticised by his followers on Twitter, with some calling it 'vile'. Birmingham Erdington MP Jack Dromey even called on the Prime Minister to 'disown this racist rant by a Tory councillor'.  One Twitter user posted: 'Amazing level of vileness.'

Another said: 'You really have no knowledge of welfare or poverty whatsoever do you? Pathetic, uninformed and crass rubbish.'  One simply dubbed the post 'disgusting', and another said it was 'ignorant'.



Anonymous said...

What is "racist" about criticizing welfare loafers ?

Anonymous said...

Just remember, that's what Bernie wants for the US

Bird of Paradise said...

So waah,waah,waah sniveling liberal whiners you cant say or post anything without upsetting some bunch of whining sniveling liberal twats

Anonymous said...

The same country that came up with the Poor Laws 400 years ago has STILL not realized what the problem is.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Anon 450 Thats becuase their too busy being oh so sensitive and PC about so they dont offend someone

Anonymous said...

Typical leftist response to any criticism of their life and culture destroying actions: "Shoot the messenger!".