Friday, February 19, 2016

Must not refer to Muslim rapists

A Polish magazine has sparked anger after publishing a front cover image depicting a white woman being molested by a group of dark-skinned men.

The far-right weekly wSieci (Network) mocked up the picture to illustrate an issue dedicated to discussing the rape and sexual assault of women by migrants across Europe.

It shows a half-naked blonde woman, who is wrapped in the flag of Europe, screaming as she is groped by six hands next to the headline: 'Islamic Rape of Europe'.

The image has sparked outrage after it was shared online.

Media expert Henk van Ess said: 'Sick cover from a big Polish magazine – is deliberately arousing public fear.'

Bartosz wrote: 'This s*** embarrasses me as a Pole. 'It doesn’t matter that wSieci is a far right tabloid... this s*** is unacceptable.' 

However, other users welcomed the magazine's stance, saying it would open up the debate on the migrant crisis.

Account named IsHillaryInJailYet said: 'Polish magazine wSieci writes about the refugee rape culture in Germany. Finally people are talking about this.'



Anonymous said...

Muslims denigrate females.

Stan B said...

What is unacceptable is the lack of a cultural assimilation plan for the thousands of refugees that Europe (and the US) are taking in. Teaching them the language and training them to get jobs is one thing. Repudiating 1300 years of treating women as second-class citizens at best (and slaves or disposable objects at worst) is a completely different story. These are men who have been taught almost from birth that women are evil, that they are put here by Satan to tempt men, and that if a woman gets raped it is her own fault, and she should be stoned to death for causing a man to lust.

Bird of Paradise said...

Whining liberals just cant handle the truth they whine big time and they snivel and demand the truth be hidden away

Anonymous said...

If Hitler had only known all that was necessary was to call his stormtroopers refuges, how different history would have been.
Then again, England had Churchill. Alas, today Europe has no Churchill. Neither does America.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Liberals ruin every town,city,country,island and continent they come to then they move on to cuase more ruin

Storm the Altaross said...

Liberal idiots in germany welcome rapists over racsists. I tell you theres no cute for stupidity

Use the Name, Luke said...

So talking about rapes that are occurring "sparks anger".

The actual rapes? Not so much.

Somebody has their priorities entirely upside down.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment Luke.
No - according to some you are simply not allowed to talk about what everyone is thinking.

In any event - I took the rape to be symbolic and the woman to represent Europe as a whole. Migrants are certainly having their way with an increasingly unwilling Europe.

stymphalian Bird said...

Europe is commiting suicide by allowing these so called refugees into their nations and liberals and the leaders are allowing this all as part of Big Brothers plans and the United Nations and the sinister CFR as well

The Owl said...

Stan mentions that there is no assimilation process. But worse, strong anti-simulation noise and accusations of racism arise from the left whenever the option of assimilation programs are mentioned.

The smart leftists who motivate the image conscious and emotional ones know what Islam and Arab Muslims are like. They know that Islam is anti-freedom, anti democratic and anti-capitalism, and anti-woman. They know that Islam has nothing to offer a free society, except the determination to destroy it. That is why smart leftists encourage the dumb ones to encourage and support Islam in the west. Smart leftists are manipulators, in fact, deceit and manipulation is what they do best. Treacherous is what the left is; fake safety, fake caring, fake kindness, because that is the best cover for hatred.

The most vicious leftists are the female ones - the feminists. They are such fakes that they encourage and support Islam in its mobilising against the west, even though they know that Islam is anti freedom for women, particularly western women whom Muslim Arabs especially hate and want to rape and oppress. Feminists hate western society more than they care for women. In fact, they don't care for women at all, they just use women and anyone else they can as tools to serve their hatred. What do they hate?

When Socrates taught people how to reason for truth, he also taught people how to fake reason against truth. And when Jesus taught people how to love, he also taught them how to fake it. Western leftism.

Leftists are self centred, love power and control over others, and hate truth and genuine love and goodwill. Feminist psychologists working in schools, prisons, drug rehab centres, in relationship counselling, in social reconstruction programs, even actively teach their clients that there is no such thing as truth, no right or wrong, no good or bad, only individual perception and social judgement values. When convinced of these, you are owned, you are someone else's puppet.

Use the Name, Luke said...

I took the rape to be symbolic and the woman to represent Europe as a whole. Migrants are certainly having their way with an increasingly unwilling Europe.

That's a good point. Not only is there literal rape growing in Europe, there is also figurative rape, both perpetrated by the same group of people. I suppose that's what makes this image so "offensive" to those who refuse to acknowledge the truth.

Dr Killdeer said...

Open borders lead in invasion by rabid space monkeys

Anonymous said...

Yes, the picture symbolises the rape of Europe by Muslims.

Anonymous said...


Storm the Albatross said...

Khan i'm laughing at the superior intellect