Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Prosecute hate speech, urges Germany's Tillich

What a confused man.  He wants to suppress criticism of immigrants by force of law but also says:  "In democracy one resolves conflict with arguments"

German Saxony state premier Stanislav Tillich says far-right Pegida movement leaders who call for violence against foreigners should be prosecuted. Europe is bracing for far-right rallies and counter-demonstrations.

Tillich preempted anti-foreigner rallies due on Saturday in European cites including Dresden, the capital of Germany's conservative-run regional state of Saxony, by calling on prosecutors to intervene against hate speech used by far-right leaders.

During speeches, Pegida organizers were increasingly resorting to open hostility toward foreigners and politicians, Tillich told Germany's Funke Media Group.

"State attorneys are increasingly required to act. Pegida can no longer smooth over its rhetoric," he said.

Saxony's premier said differentiations needed to be made between Pegida's leaders and its followers, who he said were expressing multifaceted societal frustration.

"Our challenge is to draw the followers back into dialog. In democracy one resolves conflict with arguments," said Tillich, whose Saxony region has been the scene of numerous anti-foreigner incidents.



Bird of Paradise said...

Hate speech meaning anyone who opposes allowing these so called refugees into germany just like they want to do with conservatives here in america using the Infernal Revenue Service

stinky said...

He's not confused; he just thinks the rules shouldn't apply to him. These are rules for other people, lesser people than he.

Anonymous said...

Conflicts are resolved by discussion not by argument.