Sunday, February 07, 2016

Fans told not to sing Welsh rugby anthem Delilah because it 'glorifies violence against women'

The last sentence below is a good comment

The strains of the Tom Jones hit Delilah have become almost an anthem for Welsh rugby fans.  But a senior Labour MP has joined calls for it to be banned from the Six Nations rugby tournament – for glorifying domestic violence. Chris Bryant says the song should be abandoned because the lyrics talk about murdering a woman.

Delilah, a 1968 hit, has been sung at Welsh rugby matches by male voice choirs and even Jones himself before every home game in Cardiff.

But there have been growing calls to ban the song as the lyrics describe how a jilted lover waits outside a woman’s door and stabs her to death.

The Welsh Rugby Union – and Tom Jones himself – have previously defended the song, claiming it is sung for its musicality rather than the dark subject matter.

A spokesman for the Welsh Rugby Union, which hosts Scotland for its first home fixture of the Six Nations in Cardiff next Saturday, said: ‘Within rugby, Delilah has gained prominence through its musicality rather than its lyrics.

‘There is, however, plenty of precedent in art and literature, prominently in Shakespearean tragedies for instance, for negative aspects of life to be portrayed.’



Bird of Paradise said...

Kind of like telling school kids they cant sing the national antheme becuase some illegal aliens(Future Demacratic Voters)or some dirty filth maggot infested 70's peace pansie might be offeded

chuckling Kookaburra said...

"peace pansie" :)

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Violence against woman is wrong no matter what but liberals need to stop their whining

Anonymous said...

Violence against women is wrong no matter what, unless of course the perpetrator is Hillary's husband.

Anonymous said...

it is sung for its musicality rather than the dark subject matter.

That is a stupid argument. If people want the "musicality", they can easily change the words !

Alpha Skua leader of the skuas said...

Liberals want to teach all boys to be ballet dancers or tree huggers they oppose it when some boy want to be a solder they would rather have the kid walking around carrying a SAVE THE REDWOODS sign with the rest of the eco-freaks

Anonymous said...

Next on the banned list - Othello

Flu-Bird said...

Here in america liberals will demand we replace our National atheme with one that's full of liberal Diversity becuase the national theme mentions rockets and bombs and that offends the ears of annoying whining hippy pricks