Monday, February 15, 2016

Must not tell the truth about Obama's immigration policies

Anchorage-based telecom company GCI tweeted an apology on Friday after an executive wrote what the company has called an insensitive comment on a story on KTVA's website.

Duncan Whitney, a vice president at GCI -- which owns the Anchorage TV station -- commented Thursday night on a story about a traveler who drove all the way from Chile to Alaska in a Volkswagen bus. The traveler then flew to London to apply for a tourist visa to stay longer in the U.S., but was denied, KTVA reported.

“Got a hint for him,” Whitney commented. “Go to Mexico, cross the border illegally and Obama will not only let him in, but will offer to fund the rest of his trip with taxpayer dollars and provide him free health care to boot!”

When Whitney posted the comment, his Facebook profile information identifying him as a vice president of GCI showed up alongside the comment. The GCI reference was later removed from his profile.

People reacted on both Facebook and Twitter, calling Whitney an “unashamed bigot,” ignorant and a racist, among other things.



Anonymous said...

Liberals do not like to have truth said.

Bird of Paradise said...

Truth to evil liberals like what sunlight is to dracula it will turn them to dust

Dean said...

And another person makes the mistake of telling the truth.

Fact: illegals cross the border. Fact: they receive free medical services. Fact: they receive welfare. Fact: some areas protect them from immigration services personnel. Fact: President Obama has told the border patrol to allow illegals access to the U.S.

Of course speaking those facts makes one a racist bigot. Truth just doesn't fit well with the liberal agenda.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

All this amnesty is all part of the sinister plans of the CFR to create the North American(Soviet)Union just like they did in europe

Emu, bird with big feet, said...

You Americans might go the way of Europeans - laying down belly up and letting those who hate you run all over you.

Anonymous said...

Its the liberals who need to be named and shamed for their treason in trying to bring down the country by opening the borders. Once the illegals are in the country all of a sudden they become NIMBY's. Bloody hypocrites.

Stan B said...

Heard this morning that they'll give him a PHONE if he gets caught by Boarder Patrol, with a free data plan and unlimited texting!

Alpha Skua leader of the skuas said...

Anon 10:30 You are so right about these intollrent liberals they want everything that offends them(Old Glory,Uncle Sam The American Eagle,4th of July and Apple Pie)banned from the public becuase their born whiners