Sunday, February 28, 2016

The University of Missouri has fired Melissa Click

Last week, the Board of Curators received the investigative report detailing the relevant facts surrounding recent conduct by MU assistant professor, Dr. Melissa Click. On January 27, the board authorized an investigation so it could determine whether additional discipline for Dr. Click was appropriate.

Her response was received on February 19, after which the board received the report from investigators, including Dr. Click’s response. After reviewing the report and Dr. Click’s response, and, after extensive discussion, the board voted last night in executive session to terminate the employment of Dr. Click. She has the right to appeal her termination.

The board went to significant lengths to ensure fairness and due process for Dr. Click. Click, as readers no doubt recall, achieved notoriety during the hysterical Missouri race protests when she allegedly assaulted a student reporter, demanding “muscle” to help her remove the reporter from an open area on campus.

Incredibly, 115 of her colleagues signed a letter supporting her and actually called on the university to defend “her First Amendment rights of protest.”

News flash — neither the First Amendment nor the most expansive interpretation of academic freedom grants professors the right to assault students. Her actions were antithetical to free expression.

While the university was deciding her case, yet another video surfaced showing her cursing at police at a different protest. To be sure, Click was entitled to due process, and one can’t judge from the university’s statement whether it followed the required procedure (given her defiance and level of faculty of support, the university would have to be idiotic to violate her due process rights — but universities frequently do stupid things.)

At the same time, however, it’s difficult to imagine an equivalent number of professors writing a letter in support of a conservative who assaulted a student to protect, say, a Young America’s Foundation event.

The university is losing student applicants, and it’s losing millions in donations. This termination is the first evidence that Missouri is finally (and painfully) beginning to grow a spine.



Anonymous said...

It is very sad that Political Correctness has taken over universities; the students are the primary losers.

Bird of Paradise said...

Too bad so sad cry me a river pay the price for being a idiot

Alpha Skua leader of the skuas said...

P.C. Political Correctness is just another word for Socialism

Anonymous said...

Time to end tenure for all university staff. No more glass walls protecting the socialists from reality. No professor should be qualifies without real world experience. The sad thing is that university fantasies are becoming mainstream for the failed students from these universities who cant find a job and cant accept that they are the reason why they cant find a job because they were never learnt how to.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Make them pay the price for their n misdeeds

Storm the Albatross said...

Making a false crime report is more proof these minorities are liars and cant be ever trusted

Anonymous said...

The real travesty is that this person was hired in the first place. In engineering school the students had a saying, "those who can, do, those who cannot teach." The majority of progressives cannot make it in the real world of business and go for government positions which pay less but demand little and it is almost impossible to be terminated. They thrive at universities and government bureaucracies. This is why the education and government systems are so totally inept, they are composed of substandard practitioners who are not held accountable.


Seasick s Seagull said...

So how much are we over paying these Yaah Hoos to indoctrinate the kids why dose Obama wabts Common Core