Monday, February 22, 2016

"Coming out" is a risky expression

AFTER 40 years introducing South Australian children to the arts, the biennial Come Out Festival, will change its name from next year’s event — because of the modern connotations around the phrase.

The festival’s creative producer, Susannah Sweeney, said the original name was devised by adults more than 40 years ago — in 1974 — and referenced the “boys and girls come out to play” line in the enduring nursery rhyme.

But one consideration that prompted the move to rebadge the festival was the link that the phrase “come out” now has with the gay, lesbian and transgender community.

“Over 40 years, that term has taken on a much stronger resonance elsewhere and that is a consideration,” Ms Sweeney said.



Bird of Paradise said...

The PC poppycock is everywhere these days cant say a thing without hurting the feeling of whining liberal whiners

Anonymous said...

Talk about PC revisionism - if the term comes from the nursery rhyme Georgy Porgy then they have quoted it incorrectly.
The line is 'when the boys came out to play'.

Storm the Albatross said...

Wait for them to rewrite popular nursery rhimes so they can meet with the demands of PC wacktards