Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Australia: Blackface Aboriginal costume dress up criticized

I can't see who is hurt by this. Are Japanese women who blond their hair offensive?  Are black women who straighten their hair offensive?  There's an old saying that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so this could be seen as a tribute to blacks

TWO partygoers have been labelled "redneck scumbags" after a controversial photo shared on social media showed them dressed as Aborigines with painted black faces.

Victorian woman and indigenous education worker Sis Austin shared images taken from a party at the weekend after confronting the person who uploaded them to social media.

In one picture two men are dressed as Aborigines with their faces painted black.

Another picture taken from the same party shows a woman with a painted black face, dressed like 2000 Olympic gold medallist Cathy Freeman.

But Daylesford woman Ms Austin ended up on the receiving end and was called a bully and horrible person who should be ashamed of herself for sharing the images.

The two as yet unidentified men had attended an Aussie icon party near Learmonth Football Club in Victoria on Saturday.

The photos were taken by what she calls "people who were her high school friends" and "a few close ones at that".

That changed once she raised the point it was disrespectful to indigenous Australians.

Ms Austin’s post soon went viral and was picked up by high-profile indigenous rapper and Yorta Yorta man Adam Briggs who went on to share the post, and said anyone defending the men can go and "**** themselves".

Briggs described the pair as "redneck scumbags" on Facebook.

But while the hip hop artist ended up getting a lot of support, many jumped to the defence of the men and Briggs ended up on the receiving end himself before shutting them down.

Others also came to Briggs’ defence including hip hop chart toppers The Hilltop Hoods, and indigenous Australian singer/songwriter Thelma Plum who shared the controversial black face image on her social media feeds.

Plum, who called the partygoers "disgusting little boys" also shared their image on her Twitter and Instagram feed, encouraging people to name and shame them.

In an interview with Sky News, the host of the party said the backlash was "political correctness gone wrong" and the men in the photos were his best mates who are "decent Australian blokes".

"People wear Oktoberfest costumes to parties and no one cracks it that they are not German? So what I am saying is I do understand the people who have painted themselves have offended people, although none of them intended that"



Anonymous said...

The easily offended are complaining again.

Lyre Bird, the impersonator, said...

Australian aborigines who get offended at whites dressing as blacks and at so many other things whites do, are usually only getting offended because white leftists have convinced Aborigines that they should be offended.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Whine,whine,whine the most common sound of today from a bunch of liberals Im sure their origonal ansectors were made of sterner stuff

Anonymous said...

Indigenous rapper? Is that not some sort of black face of another race? Shouldn't that also be considered in the same realm as white face? Not to mention the number of white skinned Aboriginals who claim their Aboriginality be it less that 5%? Sounds like a scam to me. Don't like black face than don't pretend to be black when you aren't. All benefits should be cut for lees than 1/4 Aboriginal.

300 Lsb Canary said...

Waah,waah,waah why don't some people grow up and stop their silly whining