Thursday, February 04, 2016

"Cotton On" pulls world globes which replaced Israel with Palestine following outcry

"Cotton On" is an Australian retail chain, known for its fast-fashion clothing for men, women, teenagers and children. It has almost 1200 stores in 12 countries

RETAIL giant Cotton On has come under fire for selling a globe of the Earth with Israel wiped off the map and ‘Palestine’ in its place.  The globes, sold in Cotton On’s Typo stationery outlets, have been described as “hurtful” and “bigoted” by members of Australia’s Jewish community.

Dr Dvir Abramovich, chair of the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation League, told when a customer initially complained about the globes, he was told the map was “deemed to be accurate for commercial purposes”.

“They came up with the ridiculous argument that they didn’t have enough space to put the word ‘Israel’ but had enough space to put ‘Palestine’, which is a non-existent country,” he said.

Dr Abramovich said there was a “growing and disturbing trend of wiping Israel off world maps”. “These acts of hostility have become so frequent I don’t think it’s simply a mistake,” he said.
“There is a well organised international effort to delegitimise and demonise Israel, to imagine a world without Israel, to make it such a pariah state that it doesn’t even have a right to exist on a map.

Cotton On says the product has been removed from sale in all 170 Typo stores globally and online.



Anonymous said...

A very stupid geographical mistake.

Anonymous said...

Not a mistake, this is a definite and deliberate since it has happened many times now.

That it has happened to the company providing the globe (as opposed to the company quoted in the story as selling the globe, usually they are not the same) CAN be a mistake though, they may have relied on the wrong source for their map information and like editors these days rarely check news stories they may not have paid attention and checked the whole map they used for their globe.

Ultimately though, someone has been providing maps with Israel removed and those maps are being provided for global distribution which is why they keep showing up.

Bird of Paradise said...

Just like the time when Rand McNally neglected to mention Canadas contribution in WW II or here in Nothern California where i live they printed a map of California and had our area Scott Valley as a big lake then claimed it was a mistake Woo Hoo yeah Sore tell me about it they just wanted to turn Scott Valley into a huge lake then pump the water to the soutjern california orage goves and hollywood swimming pools

Cormorant, bird that swims under water, said...

It doesn't' take much to prompt leftists to express their hatred of Jews. As long as they think you're a leftist too, and subtly steer them towards the subject of Jews/Israel while they are talking about the evils of western capitalism.

While seemingly expressing similar annoyance as themselves I have frequently posed problems of the society and the world to be solved, working through the layers of their answers. (one must be patient and careful with this) There is always the "re-education" layer to work through, and when presented with the freewill problem then underneath that is the layer of force and violence. Not all lefties will go their though. They are the idealistic emotional ones and it helps wake them up to what leftism is. But some go there and voice the need for force easily, and know the others wont. They have to believe you're one of them though. They are the smarter and more rotten leftists who manipulate the others. Leftism really is a horrible condition. It can't be cured though; it is natural and will always be with us. Individuals can wake up and leave it, and many do, but societally it will always be with us in some form.

By the way, I despise false portrayal. I value truth, honesty, freewill and kindness more than anything else. But when one works in leftist dominated industries one cannot be open about being conservative, nor simply be realistic or express obvious observations. To survive, one has to be able to immerse oneself into leftist fantasy group thinking and understand it. For sanity, and for processing time, I have frequently left the leftist industries and done trade, factory, farm, roadworks, handyman... for a year or two, then go back to it.

Alpha Skua leader of the skuas said...

What narrow minded pinhead designs these maps anyway?