Monday, February 01, 2016

Australia: Brisbane could rename historically "racist" Boundary streets

This is just a lot  of meddling nonsense.  As the mayor said, almost no-one in Brisbane would be aware of the history concerned.  It is just an attempt to revise history.  Orwell would understand

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk will consider changing the names of Brisbane's Boundary streets, but only if such a change is embraced by the city's indigenous community.

At least one prominent Aboriginal activist, Sam Watson, has rejected the push, saying Boundary Street in both West End and Spring Hill served as a constant reminder of the horrific treatment of the area's original inhabitants.

The inner-city Boundary streets, on either side of the Brisbane River, were so named due to a racist policy that separated European arrivals from the local Jagera and Turrbal [Aboriginal] populations.

Earlier this month, street signs at West End were changed to "Boundless Street" and, since then, an online petition has been set up to call for such a name change to be made official.

Petitioner Michael Colenso said the names were "outdated" and held Brisbane back from "meaningful progression as a city and peoples committed to truthful and respectful harmony".

Cr Quirk said he understood the sentiment, given the shocking treatment Murris [Aborigines] suffered at the hands of early European settlers, and would open a dialogue with local elders about a possible change.

One of those elders, Mr Watson, said he wanted Boundary Street to remain as a reminder of Brisbane's bloody past.  "I think it's important that all people walking through Brisbane and along Boundary Street should be aware of the history of it," he said.

"Mainstream Australia, unfortunately, has this tendency to just keep trying to move on from the more unsavoury aspects of their own history. "That might help everyone's peace of mind and make them sleep a little better at night, but it doesn't change the fact that there are very bloody and very ugly segments of our joint history together that should not be ignored. "It should be customarily acknowledged as part of our genuine, true history."

As for the inner-city streets, Cr Quirk said there was still a lot of ignorance about what they actually meant.  "I don't think, in truth, many people in Brisbane really understand what Boundary Street means and its significance in terms of its history," Cr Quirk said.



Anonymous said...

Petitioner Michael Colenso said the names were "outdated" and held Brisbane back from "meaningful progression as a city and peoples committed to truthful and respectful harmony".

Politically Correct nonsense knows no bounds.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

SamWatson needs to do something to occupy his time and quit his rediculous whining

Sulphur Crested Cocky, the commentating bird, said...

Leftists have a strong need to keep changing words, terms and names. They say its to prevent offence, but really they just like the feeling of elitism, the power and control and effect on others.

Anonymous said...

And the people of Brisbane, who will not be consulted, couldn't care less anyway. It will make no difference to there lives other than to show how petty some people are. Racism is in the minds of the pretending indigenous victims. They have been paid off and apologised to for decades and still they are not happy. Get over it.

Flu-Bird Hyuk,hyuk,hyuk said...

Q. Whats the difference between a liberal and a puppy? A. The puppy stops whining when it grows up

Use the Name, Luke said...


I gotta say you're wrong. Dogs do whine even when they've grown up. They just don't do it as often as puppies; unlike liberals who whine more. :-)