Friday, February 19, 2016

Must not mention hunting

That humans got a large part of their diet from hunting since time immemorial seems not to count

A sponsored ad from a safari company appearing on Instagram feeds has angered users, with many calling on the photo-sharing app to have the “distressing” image taken down.

The post by Australian safari company High Country Safaris, depicts a man holding a rifle while kneeling beside a dead dear.

The caption reads, “Justin our latest client with his free range Javen Rusa. Shot in the last few hours of a 5 day hunt. The new world record, shot with a muzzle loader. there are many more of these trophies out there. Congratulations Justin!”

The deer, a Javan rusa, is native to the islands of Java, Bali and Timor in Indonesia.

Instagram users have expressed their disgust over the hunting photo in the comments section.

“I’m very disappointed that this ad has appeared on my feed. In no way is this ‘relevant’ to anything I have liked previously,” one user wrote.

“How come there is no ‘report’ option on sponsored ads? This ad is horrible and upsetting.”

Another commented: “Do NOT post this on my feed I have no interest at all. Get it off ...”



Anonymous said...

Most humans no longer need to hunt for food.
If some people want sport, let them run down their victims and cut their throats with a new knife; there is not any "sport" in shooting an animal with a rifle.

Anonymous said...

If some people want sport, let them run down their victims and cut their throats with a new knife; there is not any "sport" in shooting an animal with a rifle.

I do not know how the word new got into my previous post.

Owl, the quiet observer, said...

I shoot much of my own meat - deer, kangaroo, rabbit, goat, and duck. So do many of my friends and neighbours.

I also work with feminist lefties who are prone to hysterics at the mention of hunting, calling hunters cruel, and saying hunters should have various cruel things done to them in return. Naturally I don't tell them I shoot my own meat, or I would not have a job. Lefties do not tolerate conservatives in "their" work places.

They eat meat though, and wear leather shoes. They are sanctimonious hypocrites who expect someone else to do their killing for them.

Bird of Paradise said...

Most people today live in their big cities they have hardly ever left there and their nature and wildlife they do see is has been so disneyied for them real nature would scare the bejazes out of them and unlike what was depicted in the stupid french movie THE BEAR most male bears will kill the cubs not adopt them

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

I see some crazy screws up woman from kiwiland(New Zealand)now i Miami is protesting the treatment of Killer Whales by sitting in a bathtub for a month I mean i'm telling you enviromentalism a weird new age insanity cuased by a strict diet of nuts and berries and watching crap like FREE WILLY and AVATAR until their brains turn into the consistancy of melted custard

Anonymous said...

Which is more ethical - killing to eat and survive - or killing for the mere pleasure of killing? And if the latter, is shooting bullets from a safe distance the most sporting way to down an dumb animal?

Use the Name, Luke said...


The only hunters I've seen who "kill for the mere pleasure of killing" are in the movies. All the real hunters I've met do not want the animal to suffer, and the best way to accomplish that is via a well placed bullet from a distance.

Alpha Skua leader of the Skuas said...

Real nature would scare the heck out of these ignorant flatlaners who only view of nature is watching some disney film(Bambi,Open Season,)or that stupid french film THE BEAR real nature bites,claws,grabs and kills

The Shrike said...

Theres a little cartoon series from britian THE ANIMALS OF FARTHING WOODS its certian no disney type of film becuase it shows a Shrike with little baby field mice impailed in the branches of a tree.Owl. Those liberal woman are all probibly Pro Abortion like most liberal animal rights wackos are

Anonymous said...

ANON 2:14/15

You have obviously never hunted. There is a difference between "hunting" and "killing". Killing is taking a chicken and stringing it up on a moving conveyer to be processed or driving a metal rod into the brain of a cow or pig. This is how the meat most of the so called "civilized" world eats comes about. Some of us hunt which means getting out in the real world and to be consistently successful and not just lucky requires a lot of work and skill. We respect the animals we hunt and provide the funding for them to survive and thrive. The movies perpetuate the myth the animals are like humans and that a rifle can easily hit anything you want to with it, both of which are bogus. I pity those who have never tested themselves against an elusive quarry to find out if they have the skill it takes.


Legs Sparrow said...

Mosty city People(Flatlaners)have never ventured much past their big city areas and would'nt know a deer from a whale becuase their total igoramuses and could,nt live without their DVD players to watch their animatronic talking animal films

Storm the Albatross said...

Ted Nugent would have something to say to therse anti-hunting idiots stuck in their disneyfied views of wild critters

Anonymous said...

I regularly get ads pop up on my browsing.
Many/most of them I have no interest in.
If they are legal activities I don't go crying to mummy about how terrible they are.
Why do these people believe they have the right to never see anything they don't like?

The Owl said...

"Why do these people believe they have the right to never see anything they don't like?"
1. Leftist manipulators in the education system, in amongst fake teachings on resilience and emotional regulation, actually encourage the worship of emotions and feelings, and the valuing of them as more important than anything else.

2. They have an external locus of control, meaning whatever they do wrong, and whatever they feel that is unpleasant, is someone else's fault. This too is encouraged by leftist psychologists who pretend to encourage responsibility and internal locus of control but counter that by putting more energy into preaching the cult of victimhood which is external control. Feminists and many therapists promote victimhood while calling it empowerment. They manipulate people’s attitudes, mostly women's, from being passive victims to being active victims, their emotions from being energy draining to being temporarily energising, and they think that is an improvement. Depressed people are easily manipulated to switch their depression into anger or resentment, which feels more energising and in-the-right. That switch and alternating is so easy it can happen on its own in many people because anger feels right, more energised and purposeful than depression. Psychs and counsellors like to send depressed female clients away feeling energised and "empowered", but positive or energetic victimhood is no healthier than negative or depressed victimhood. In fact it causes a whole set of further problems and repercussions.

Shrike. We have a bird like that in Australia, called a Butcher bird because it hangs dead animals from tree branches like a butcher's cool room. They are cyclic; every few years they come around and eat the nestlings of other birds, then start on lizards. I have seen quite large lizards, what we call blue tongues, hanging in trees.

I hunt rabbit regularly, for dog food and occasionally for myself, usually only one deer a year, kill my own sheep, and trap ducks on my dam (the shotgun trains ducks to be wary and fly away but a trap drowns them silently and keeps them around). For enjoyment I frequently track a deer or fox across land without looking for tracks, just see it run off, then follow where I would go if I were the animal. Also, I had a pet fox for several years and learnt how they think from him. Even when I lived in cities I have attracted wild birds and animals to live around me.

Leftists are more like animals than conservatives are, because leftists are emotionally and group minded, they all think, speak and act like each other and their patterns are easy to observe. They talk emptily about diversity but actually believe in conformity, which they call equality because equality facilitates their deception of and denial of conformity. Whereas true conservatives believe in individual freewill and accountability. They are genuinely diverse in thought and passions, and more individual in their patterns. Except extreme right wingers or false conservative who are those who react emotionally against the illogicalness of leftism, and so become emotionally opposite to leftist emotionalism. They are prone to being group minded conformists too, in effect, a different type of leftist.

Anonymous said...

Hunting animals that doesn't result in killing them, is like sex that doesn't result in pregnancy - the original purpose was often transferred to the pleasure in doing it.
Hunting was what our ancestors did to get necessary protein to survive. The practice then led to an atavistic satisfaction in doing it, so like Pavlovian dogs, the link was made between the process and the emotional reward regardless of the need to actually eat the quarry.
Whether animals are killed in a slaughter-house or in the wild, and whether either is done "humanely" or not, doesn't alter the fact the animals are exploited for our food or our pleasure. It is disingenuous to pretend that hunting is a more noble pursuit (no pun intended).

Dr Killdeer said...

A few years ago some idiot from the anti hunting group Commity to Abolish Sport Hunting(CASH) sent a dumb letter to supporters REMEMBER BAMBI AND YOGI BEAR ARE DEPENDING ON YOU (What a Jerk)and the late Clevland Amory said WHAT IF HUNTERS GOT TO HEAVE AND FOUND GOD TO BE A FOX (Blastfmous Idiot)Liberals are stupid and animal rights activists are totaly stupid