Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Must not mention black alcohol problems

Drunken Aborigines lounging around public places is a common sight in some parts of Australia and most people dislike it -- but you are not supposed to mention it

Matchbox 20 front man Rob Thomas has been slammed by fans after making a racist joke about Aboriginal Australians during a solo gig in Melbourne on Saturday night.

Mid-way through the performance, which took place at the Rod Laver Arena, the 44-year-old offered a racially insensitive quip about the way in which he deals with long-haul flights, saying: 'I drink til I think I'm Australian. And then I keep drinking til I think I'm a black Australian.'

In footage obtained by TMZ depicting the incident, the audience can be heard groaning and booing in response to Rob's remarks. 
'I drink til I think I'm Australian. And then I keep drinking

Several hours after the live show, Rob took to Facebook to with a heartfelt apology, writing: 'After the show in Melbourne tonight while backstage with some of my Australian friends, it was brought to my attention that I said something that is racist and insensitive'.

'Please understand that although it is no excuse, I was completely unaware that in Australia there is a polarizing social issue happening right now involving indigenous people and alcohol'.



Anonymous said...

Only Politically Correct truths may be uttered.

Bird of Paradise said...

Political Correctness just another code word for SOCIALISM