Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Average N*gga Is The Most Racist Mofo On Earth


Who’s more racist, black people or white people? It’s black people! You know why? Because we hate black people too! Everything white people don’t like about black people, black people really don’t like about black people.”  – Chris Rock

*Be warned, this editorial will NOT include flowery language, textbook grammar or picture-perfect syntax. F*ck that shit.

This time around, my point is very simple: Black people are infinitely more racist than any other racial group in the world (including whites). And no, we shouldn’t have a license to insult others just because our ancestors were slaves (over 100 years ago) — that’s a bogus and worn out excuse. Anyone who supports this notion is utterly and deliriously retarded and deserving of a hard slap to the fucking face.

I’m tired of being politically correct, and I’m tired of making an effort to publish thoughtful material when you simple niggas would prefer to read about NeNe Leakes getting into a fistfight with Kandi Burruss on the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

So for the next 800 words or so, Ima tell you motherf*ckers like it is — no filter. Here it goes: (ahem) I can’t stand black people. You happy now? I said it. That’s what you Negroes have been waiting for me to admit since 2013. Well niggas, whoomp there it is.

What I can’t stand most about black people is how oblivious they are to how incredibly fucked up they are. We (and I’ll include myself briefly) are the ONLY racial group that rationalizes our dysfunctional behavior, but will turn right around and criticize the imperfections of other racial groups (especially whites and Latinos).

The most recent example that comes to mind is the outrage that was sparked when Bill O’Reilly took a shot at Congresswoman Maxine Waters, calling her hair a “James Brown wig”. I won’t waste time commenting on her appearance — although O’Reilly has a point, ol girl’s wig is slightly James Brown-ish (she might wanna start calling herself the “Godmother of Soul”).

You niggas have been trolling O’Reilly ever since he made that remark, flooding social media with angry Tweets and even angrier Facebook posts. It’s as if y’all have forgotten how much you have ridiculed Donald Trump over the past year and a half (even Snoop Dogg’s black ass pretended to assassinate Trump in a fucking music video). And may I remind you of how often black comedians rattle off racially insensitive jokes while the people they’re making fun of are sitting in the audience?

Let a white comedian, or Hispanic, or Asian, attempt to make a “black joke” in front of you niggas — it would spark a riot and probably result in that individual getting his ass booed off stage, getting beat down on stage, or getting shot behind stage. That’s a double standard — it’s a blatant, disgusting example of hypocrisy, and most of all, it’s a reflection of how insecure, whiny and nauseatingly weak (yes, weak!) black people actually are.



Bird of Paradise said...

Jessie Jackson,Al Sharpton,Calypso Louie,Spike Lee The Back Panthers,Barack Obama all are racsisist

Anonymous said...

Finally the truth. That's gotta hurt a lotta people big time, the petulant princesses.

Spurwing Plover the Fighting Shorebird said...

Listen to the whining and thge sniveling and the whimpering from the liberal snowflakes