Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Controversial Auckland University club disbands

More Leftist hate-speech

A controversial Auckland University student club is calling it quits after its members were threatened with violence and accused of racism.

The Auckland University European Students Association has withdrawn its application to affiliate with the university on the eve of Orientation Week.

Yesterday the group's plan to hold a stall and recruit members on campus next week drew widespread criticism. Many feared it was a thinly veiled white nationalist group.

But in an overnight post on its Facebook page the president of the fledgling club said it had become extremely dangerous to continue in the face of "appalling rhetoric" by people on and off campus regarding the group and what it supported.

"The constant threats to our safety, exposure of privacy, and general abuse the group and individuals have received is simply unacceptable, dangerous and extremely worrying," wrote the president, who did not give his or her name.

"It is truly saddening that these actions go entirely against what those who have had a problem with us support and promote on their respective platforms and outlets."

He said people had formed their own incorrect opinions about the group, which had never intended to be political or engage in anything other than a mutual interest in history and culture.

"However, due to an extremely high number of physical threats and severe and unfounded accusations of racism and fascism we see that the costs outweigh the benefits to taking this club any further.



Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Liberls are the most intollerent bunch of idiots there ever was espicaly of those who dont share their backward ideas

Anonymous said...

Once again the lunatics are running the asylum. When it gets to a point where the majority are overridden by the minority then society is the biggest loser. It happening more frequently that the majority is surrendering ground to groups who represent as little as 25 to 5% of the population. Something similar to gay marriage yet they are able to hold the government hostage and force the change due to leftist media and companies who are more interested in their public image than the company bottom line for the share holders.

Conservatives are the majority but because our politicians won't stand up for the people who vote them in because they take the for granted in order to pursue fringe votes the average conservative is persecuted in the media and in the street to the point that they are afraid to say anything in public.

Unknown said...

Sadly, once again the leftist thugs have won.

Dean said...

A sad affair indeed. First, because liberal threats of, and acts of, violence are accepted by those in authority Second, because society in the western world seems to accept the concept that conservative voices are intolerable and must be silenced.
It would be nice if liberals would accord conservatives the respect and freedom to associate they demand for themselves.
One can understand why those of color might think this is a white nationalist group. Based on their experience forming exclusionary groups based on their color they certainly would assume others would do the same. Maybe a look in the mirror is indicated.

Spurwing Plover the Fighting Shorebird said...

Soon these little twats will be demanding that teams with names like COWBOYS,TROJANS,SPARTAIN,PATIOTS,EAGLES,HAWKS,FALCONS,LION,BEARS,WOLVES,TIGERS,WILDCATS Etc change their names becuase these names upset the special little snowflakes