Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Must not be inspired by Trump

Halloween is still six months away, but a controversial 'Border Wall' costume inspired by President Trump's immigration enforcement policy has already come come under fire for being 'racist' and 'offensive'.

Costume Agent's unisex costume has the words 'Mexico Will Pay' splashed across a onesie that features a white and black brick wall pattern, and it is retailing for $19.95 for adult sizes and $12.95 for a teen version.

The getup, which is officially named 'Trump Mexico Will Pay Zip Up Costume Jumpsuit', is being sold on Amazon, and critics are flocking to the site to give the item abysmal one-star reviews.

'Disappointed in Amazon for promoting this type of item. Some people think it's a joke, for others is an insult. This item promotes hatred. Take this down Amazon!!' one person commented.



Anonymous said...

How is it racist? Only a socialist/communist/leftist could possibly draw the slightest thread that this costume is racist. You can't even claim cultural appropriation. What is wrong with a country that you can't even have an opinion? Everything. Grow some balls USA.

Bird of Paradise said...

Sure much better then a stupid snowflake costume that the liberal whiners would have them wear LAST YEAR I WAS A BIRD BUT A RATHER CONSERVATVE BIRD

Dean said...

"This item promotes hatred. Take this down Amazon!!' one person commented."

Hatred? Comments like that leaves and image in my mind of someone wide-eyed, foaming at the mouth, strangling at the thought of someone expressing an opinion with which they don't agree.

Hmmmm. That item does promote hatred. Hatred on the part of whoever wrote that comment.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Liberals do nothing but whine all they ever do is to whine

Anonymous said...

So I guess it would be bad to have two people stand side by side wearing one of those costumes and have a third person wear a sombrero and serape standing behind them.