Friday, April 14, 2017

Must not diss global warming

Even if you are black

At a Buckhead mayoral forum, Atlanta councilman Kwanza Hall raised some eyebrows with an answer to a question about global warming. Calling himself “kind of bit a conspiracy theorist,” he said Tuesday he’s skeptical of climate change.

“I got a question mark on the global warming thing,” he said. “I do believe in sustainability. I’m a science-minded person and I have a science background. But stuff is in the media too much … it’s hard for me to be convinced some times.”

Hall, one of about a dozen contenders seeking to succeed a term-limited Kasim Reed as mayor of Atlanta, went on to talk about the importance of conservation and a vibrant tree canopy in the city. But his opponents quickly piled on.

Hall later said in a lengthy statement he believes in “overwhelming scientific consensus that tells us that our planet is warming and it is caused by humans.” He also pledged that in his administration, Atlanta would be powered by 100 percent clean energy by 2050.



Bird of Paradise said...

Global Warming/Climate Change is the biggest fruad in the history of mankind being used by the globalists to enforce their radical ideas upon the world brainwash the kids and the masses with this lie and making a few wealthy con-mem like Al Gore and various Eco-Nazis groups even more wealthy and oh yes Bill Nye the Phonie Science Guy a total fake himself and cuasing those idiots from GREENPEACE to make total Green-Pests of themselves and producing a few putrid movies and TV shows and fake specials and lies to the school kids

Anonymous said...

I had to sit through the trailer for Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth, part 2 at the movies earlier this week. He blamed the flooding of the Ground Zero site during Hurricane Sandy on Global warming and the Christmas Day tsunami of 2004 on global warming. Sorry Al, but earthquakes and storm surges don't fit in with global warming no matter how much you spin it. Why doesn't anyone ask him about his carbon footprint from flying all over the world while telling everyone else how to reduce their footprints. SMH


Stan B said...

People devoted to the religion of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming cannot be swayed by facts - even when such facts (like the Satellite Temperature Record) show that the warming is not catastrophic, and the history of Climate Research is fraught with incompetence and malfeasance. (Anyone remember Michael Mann's "Hockey Stick?" Or the famous ClimateGate e-mail quote "Hide the decline?")

The warming is not Catastrophic, and mitigation efforts are far more costly and ineffectual than adaptation efforts will be, should any be required.

But you're facing Zealots - mindless, unthinking, uncritical people who want a "socialist utopia" and have latched onto a theory that justifies a massive redistribution of wealth and provides a huge, unending spigot of "Western Guilt."

Anonymous said...

Climate change is real; it is just not caused by human activity !

Spurwing Plover the Fighting Shorebird said...

It should be noted that back in the 1970's that same liberal rag TIME was blabbering about GLOBAL COOLING and a NEW ICE AGE and now their spreading this Global Warming/Climate Change poppycock cuased by our backyard BBQ's and SUV'S and coming from the same bunch in their Leer and Gulf Stream jets the big big yachts their vast estates that cover several hundred achers and without one single solar pannels on them as well as their 11 mpg lomos