Friday, April 28, 2017

Must not depict black neighborhoods honestly

A Florida artist sat down to an hours long meeting with Black Lives Matter Monday after people labeled his artwork racist.

Jerry Sparkman, a Sarasota architect, came under fire for an artwork display of the Newton neighborhood along Martin Luther King Boulevard, reports WFLA.

The display, called “The Face of MLK,” depicts the Newton neighborhood and includes syringes, white powder and basketball shoes. Some people took issue with the painting, calling it “racist” and a misrepresentation of the area.

“This is how the black community is depicted, not as human beings, but as prostitutes and drug dealers. All to promote the stealing of and gentrification of the black community,” Ruth Beltran wrote in a Friday Facebook post.

Sparkman sat down for a two-hour Black Lives Matter meeting to educate himself and to repeatedly apologize for any offense he might have caused. Members harped on the painting’s “racist” qualities and asked Sparkman if he understood it was racist.



Bird of Paradise said...

And yet still those dirty dastartdly disgusting demacrats still wan to display the Cops as Pig painting. How about a painting showing demacrats as giant monsters stomping a city flat and eating the people

Use the Name, Luke said...

But I constantly hear the refrain of "authentically black" from these people. And every time it's used, that is the lifestyle that's implied by it. Furthermore, blacks like Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, etc. are considered "house n*****", "oreos", or "not actually black" because they've rejected that lifestyle.

No one should ever apologize for saying something that's true.

Anonymous said...

Forcing artists to fall in line with your ideology isn't fascism at all.

Anonymous said...

His first mistake was apologising for his comments. His second mistake was meeting with people who would not accept any apology for calling out the criminal behaviour of black people with a racist bug up their arse. They will be no accommodation by BLM for anything he says regardless of the truth he talks. BLM is a racist organisation devoted to the overthrow of police in the US.

Unknown said...

But a crucifix in a jar of urine or a painting or the virgin Mary with dung on it is perfectly ok right?