Monday, April 03, 2017

Must not compare Hollywood to Nazi Germany

Seems pretty fair to me.  The Green/Left ideology and intolerance is much the same

A disturbing trend is emerging among some of the Hollywood elite—reactionary, outspoken insensitivity.

Last week, on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Tim Allen, actor from “Toy Story,” “The Santa Clause” and most recently “Last Man Standing,” compared being a conservative in Hollywood to being in 1930s Germany. Based on a basic understanding of history, it’s fair to say that he equated himself to being like a Jewish person living in a ghetto.

The comparison is repulsive, absurd and intolerant. Because Allen is a celebrity and is saying something taboo, though, he gets a free pass. Try to defend it, but all in all, he compared having someone disagree with him to one of the worst genocides in human history. And Jimmy Kimmel and the audience laughed all the way through it.



Bird of Paradise said...

Hollywood is more like Communists china,russia and cuba just what Joe McCarthy(RIP) warned us about

Anonymous said...

Wow - this shows both ignorance and hubris on the part of the writer.
Clearly he knows little about the millions of other persecutions the Nazis inflicted and what life was like for ordinary (non-Jewish) Germans under the Nazis.
Not everyone went straight to Auschwitz. Many people learned to keep quiet and look away for fear of the SA or Gestapo and being hauled off to Prince Albert Strasse for a 'talk'.
People who sold books, people who published pamphlets, people who belonged to organised labour, people who were active in non-NSDAP political groups.
You didn't have to be Jewish, gay or a Gypsy to feel suppressed in 30s Germany.
And for the writer to assume that Tim Allen must have been as ignorant as he is...?

Anonymous said...

ANAON 7:23 PM is correct, progressives have little grasp of history or if they do only utilize the parts that support their view.


Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Liberal progresivists refuse to aknowlage the truth that the communists were far worst then the nazis when it came to mass murder Mao was far worst then hitler so was the late Fidel Castro the big darling of liberal rregresvists who murderered many innocents and now burns in hell with Hitler,Mao,Stalin and Lenin and they cant wait to get Charles Manson