Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Beauty blogger is slammed after creating bloody make-up tutorial inspired by United Airlines behaviour

A recent incident on a United Airlines flight in which passenger Dr. David Dao was forcibly removed from his seat has already inspired its fair share of parodies - but critics are saying a beauty blogger's make-up tutorial inspired by the bloody incident takes things too far.

Though the video was self-proclaimed 'satire' whose intent was to allegedly to mock United Airlines, many felt the tutorial was insensitive and humiliating for Dr. Dao more than anyone.

Now, after being faced with an overwhelming backlash, the video has been taken down from YouTube, and an official apology issued.

Mykie, the Los Angeles-based make-up artist behind the since-deleted tutorial, is the force behind the YouTube channel Glam & Gore, which boasts nearly two million subscribers.

On April 11, Mykie tweeted: 'Hey United I was wondering if you wanted to come on my channel to show my subs your method of making someone gory. Yours is very realistic.'

She must have inspired herself, as soon after, she uploaded a 'satirical' make-up tutorial to YouTube titled 'Re-Accommodated Makeup Tutorial - Inspired by United Airlines.'

Many of Mykie's loyal fans saw the humor intended in the video, but many others unfamiliar with her grotesque style couldn't help but feel the 'tutorial' was anything but tone-deaf. 

Though many agreed that United Airline's actions against Dr. Dao were unfair and unwarranted, critics saw Mykie's tutorial as a glamorization of Dao's pain as opposed to a more direct attack on the airline itself.

As the backlash brewed, Mykie removed the video, but did not initially issue an apology. On her Twitter, she simply said, 'Not everyone appreciates satire [and] that's alright.'



Bird of Paradise said...

Let the whining begin and lets watch the snowflakes melt away

Dman said...

'Not everyone appreciates satire [and] that's alright.'

The only problem with her response is she shouldn't have added "that's alright" to the end.

I'm tired of hearing people apologize to please the snowflakes. Take the story above about Adidas and the Boston Marathon. They should have just said, "Um, we weren't talking about the bombing" and left it at that.