Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Must not call even a white man a gorilla if he has some black ancestry

The Mayor of Liverpool has called on News UK to sack columnist Kelvin MacKenzie claiming an article he wrote contained a “racial slur” against Everton footballer Ross Barkley.

The alleged “racial slur” against Barkley centred on MacKenzie’s opinion that he was a “one of our dimmest footballers”. The columnist added: “I get a similar feeling when seeing a gorilla at the zoo.”

But the columnist said he had “no idea” of the 23-year-old England international’s heritage, as Barkley has a Nigerian grandfather.

Mayor Anderson reported the comments to Merseyside Police and IPSO – the Independent Press Standards Organisation – while MacKenzie was suspended by News UK.



Bird of Paradise said...

Comparing Obama to a chimp is certianly insulting to chimps

Anonymous said...


So at best, in your mind, you and Obama are equal as the chimp is way out in front of you.

Anonymous said...

Calling any person an ape or a gorilla is not NECESSARILY racist.
But the default position nowadays is just to assume it is - and that conclusion is reached even more quickly if the person has any non-white background at all.

the crow said...

What if you affectionately call a white child a "little monkey" for playing around like one, and then a black child comes over and joins in the game and you refer to both children as little monkeys. Is that racist or rhesus?

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Theres this old Nursery Rhyme called JUST LIKE ME in which the last line gose AND THERE THERE I SAW A MONKEY, JUST LIKE ME is that offensive to the little snowflakes?