Friday, April 14, 2017

A praying mantis civilization?

The male praying mantis is said to gyrate in seductive manner to attract the attention of the female, who after mating with him, promptly bites off his head. Strange as this ‘mantis-cide’ might seem for us human beings, our actions and some of the notions that permeate our crania can make us appear stranger than these creatures.

Of course, we often convince ourselves that a few letters behind our names or attendance at some would-be prestigious institution renders our utterances akin to the voice that emanated from the burning bush on Mount Horeb. And in today’s ‘enlightened’ world, ideals that we hold dear, or at least are entitled to have, we keep submerged or are afraid to proclaim because it might not be politically correct to voice them.

In countries such as the United States it seems that simply to verbalize one’s dislike of homosexuality or same-sex unions/marriages makes one liable to severe public criticism. One must accept such behaviour because it is politically correct to do so. There might come a time when heterosexuals will have to march and promote their “straight rights”. They could be viewed with derision for having abnormal attraction for the opposite sex.



Anonymous said...

Why do Liberals have such a love of people with twisted minds ?
Why do Liberals have such twisted minds ?

Anonymous said...

So what extreme "slippery slope" scenario would leave heterosexuals needing to campaign for their "rights", or that heterosexuality would be generally ridiculed or demeaned? Only maybe in some far-distant "Brave New World" where reproductive sex is taken over completely by advanced technology and social structures are totally re-organized on a non-sexual basis. So no real need to fret your paranoid pants off for a while just yet!!

Anonymous said...

Homosexuality v. heterosexuality is not a zero-sum game. Neither needs to suffer by the other. However, in real life (past and present) homosexuals have suffered far more prejudice (and even a lot more physical violence) based on their sexuality than vice-versa.