Friday, April 28, 2017

Principal at Florida school comes under fire for trying to protect white students in a black school

It's no secret that white students often get a hard time in a black school so they need any protection they can get

Hoffman has come under fire since she emailed her staff at Campbell Park Elementary last Tuesday instructions for next year’s classroom rosters.

Among the instructions, she wrote: ”white students should be in the same class."

Campbell Park has 606 students, 49 of them are white, 20 are Hispanic students, 18 are multiracial and 3 are Asian.

Hoffman told parents she made the comment in an effort to "make students feel more comfortable." Parents pressed the principal why she didn't make the same rules for students of other races. Hoffman emailed her staff last week apologizing for her "poor judgment."



Bird of Paradise said...

Just another reason why our nations school system is so bad its all this PC poppycock bull twaddle from the usial pity me pity me crowd of snowflakes

Anonymous said...

BoP seems to be a product of that failing system as grammar and spelling seems to elude him daily.

Anonymous said...

When this story first broke, the principal gave one reason for the letter, then a second, and now a third. So if she had the best intentions, why change her reasoning and alleged "thought" process?

It's no secret that white students often get a hard time in a black school so they need any protection they can get

It's no secret that any minority subset of a group needs protection from the majority. It has little to do with race.

The parents make a great point when they ask "if that is what she is thinking, why not apply it to the other races at the school? Why not say the same thing about the Hispanics and Asians?"

The fact of the matter is that the woman made a bad choice. If you are going to rank kids in an educational environment, rank them according to grades and academic achievement.

Leave race out of the equation.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Anon 3:45 leaves race out of the equation when deciding what neighborhoods to tour when visiting , oh let's say, Baltimore or Chicago. You know one of those liberal bastions of peace, love and racial harmony.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:43.

3:45 here.

It is funny that you mention Baltimore as that is the city of my birth. I was raised in a multiracial neighborhood, attended a city wide school where kids of all races were present. My dorm in college was multi-racial and took on the attitude of "you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us" Back in Baltimore, I worked in mostly white areas, worked in mostly black areas. I spent time working in Philly in a area where I was the only face of my race I saw.

So yeah, I not only toured those neighborhoods in Baltimore, I lived and worked in them.

The problem that occurs is when we start looking at people as races and not people. Baltimore is in trouble because in too many cases, it looks at race in solving problems instead of the quality of people that can solve the problems.

Education - especially the composition of classes - should be based on merit, not race.

As I said, if Jonn's point of "protecting white kids" or any of the other excuses the principal tried to come up with held water, she would have included the other racial groups with smaller numbers in the handout. She didn't.

Her words and justifications fail the smell test.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:45 & 9:08 Well good for you. You don't say how long ago these experiences occurred. I'm going to guess many decades ago. Then is not now. Perhaps "the knock out game," the random attacks of whitey on the streets of downtown Baltimore and Chicago are mere urban legend. Word of these things does leak out despite the best efforts of the politicians and the press to suppress it. I find it a wonderful coincidence that the mayor of Baltimore is now asking for Federal help in dealing with the situation in that city.

As to education, or indeed everything else, being merit based, I'm all for it. Just show me where it occurs. Btw, I was born and bred in Chicago and know exactly what I'm talking about. That city, even the so called good areas, is now a war zone and people of all races do get caught it the cross fire. The racism charge is an easy way of cowing those who see things exactly as they really are not how PC tells them they should be.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:!6,

So you tried to big dog me and got caught.

No one is saying that there is not racial crime, but not even the principal asserted that in her letter. In fact, she bought into the PC idea that people of different races can't mix in an educational environment.(Well, at least some races.)

In essence, you are complaining and trying to justify the use of race in making decisions that further harm relationships between races. If this principal was a 50 year old black woman who advocated keeping black kids apart from other races, you'd be all over that and so would I.

But because the principal in question is white, people are defending her based on that - not the merit of her statements.

If you want to stick with this woman, you believe in segregation which is not only illegal, but morally reprehensible.

The principal issued a directive that is indefensible on its face, and was made worse by her numerous statements on the reasons behind it.

Bird of Paradise said...

Anon 3:38 is a production of this nations liberal leftists education system rub by the NEA and the Unions

Anonymous said...


The education system is "rub" by the NEA and Unions?

And you want to talk about being a "production" of an educational system?

Maybe you have flown into too many clean glass windows.