Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Cafe scolded over 'no burkas' sign - but the owner claims it's for safety after a MACHETE attack

A New Zealand cafe has landed in hot water after banning customers wearing burkas, but the owner claims it's a safety measure after a machete attack.

Coffee and Gems store, in New Zealand's Auckland, displayed a sign on the door reading 'No Burkas, No Hoodies, No Sunglasses, No Helmets'.

Auckland Auckland Councillor Cathy Casey took to social media to vent her outrage over the sign, before lodging a complaint with the Human Rights Commission.

The Albert-Eden-Roskill ward councillor told NZ Herald she believed the sign was discriminatory and illegal.

'It looks as though the business is basically flouting the Human Rights Act. I've checked the Act and it says you can't discriminate on the grounds of religion and the grounds of sex.'

She said she planned to contact the owner of the store, which sells coffee and second hand jewellery, as soon as they open after the Easter long weekend.

'If the Human Rights Commission rule that it's discriminatory then it is and it's kind of wider than just that one shop.'

Ms Casey's photograph of the store divided Facebook commenters, with some arguing it was discrimination but others claiming it was a safety measure.

The owner of the store, Llannys Burgess, told NZ Herald she put the sign up years ago after a man attacked a customer with a machete, leaving her fearing for her safety.



Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

How about a sign reading NO SNOWFLAKES ALLOWED that would mean no more whining little collage youths whining about no salad bar or space place for their pets

Anonymous said...

Anyone could claim that their style of dress or behavior is part of their religion. Burkas are not anyway a universal requirement of all Muslim women, and it's more a cultural feature of certain regions. The sign should have been more general and say that the management reserves the right to bar customers whose dress or behavior is considered a security issue.

Anonymous said...

Any private business has the right to choose who they do business with as much as their customers do. It may damage the business but it the right of that business to discriminate as they choose.

Anonymous said...

Including the other items of clothing should get him a pass even with the strictest anti-discrimination laws. It's obvious he isn't targeting one group.

Swifty the Spacebird said...

Liberals are born to whine while most other kids quit whining at a certian age liberals never quit whining