Sunday, April 23, 2017

Must not mention that mixed race people have lighter skin

Former world No 1 Ilie Nastase in racism storm after comment about Serena Williams' pregnancy

Ilie Nastase could face censure after apparently making a racist comment about Serena Williams' pregnancy on the eve of Romania's Fed Cup play-off against Great Britain.

At a press conference to preview the tie in Constanta, which starts on Saturday, Romania's captain was heard to say of Williams' baby, due in the autumn: "Let's see what colour it has. Chocolate with milk?"

Williams announced on Wednesday she is expecting her first child with fiance Alexis Ohanian, who is white, and will take time away from the tour.



Anonymous said...

Politically Correct nonsense again.

Anonymous said...

Is this blog really and Anon 1:25 really trying to defend the captain of a team representing a country attacking 1) an icon of the sport of tennis based on her skin, 2) attacking the father for the color of his skin, and 3) an unborn baby for their racial makeup?

Is that where we want to go?

Nastase has the right to make comments that are ridiculously stupid, but that right doesn't shield him from the backlash and the right of the Romanian Tennis Federation to say "we won't have this moron represent us, our players and our nation."

There are consequences to making stupid comments when you are the face and leader of a national team.

"Free speech" does not mean "freed from consequences."

Bird of Paradise said...

Oh just listen to the little snowflakes whine again WHINE,WHINE,WHINE all day and all night long

Anonymous said...

Oh just listen to little snowflake BoP whining about how people exercise their rights.

He never has a real argument, but only complains that others do the same thing he does.

Bill R. said...

Without reading the context of his remarks, by reading on this blog as printed, I don't see how this is a racist statement. He was merely wondering what the baby would look like. What the heck is wrong with that?

Bird of Paradise said...

Anon 5:57 Blow it out you granola bar dragon breath

Anonymous said...


And here you have been trying so hard to make people think you can write a complete sentence that makes sense.

Poor little baby.

You failed again.

What is so funny is that you can't come up with any argument against what is said. The depth of your intelligence is saying other people "whine," (which is itself a whine from you) and then coming up with some nonsensical insult.

(I guess it is an attempt at an insult but in reality is more of a pathetic cry for education.)

Have a great day little baby bird.

Anonymous said...

It was a stupid comment.
No doubt he will suffer the consequences of a controversial public figure making stupid comments.
Let's all move on.