Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Zimmerman strikes back

What Zimmerman encountered on that fatal night

After George Zimmerman killed a black thug in self defence, he became a whipping boy for the whole American Left, egged on by the New York Times and most of the rest of America's media.  To this day, the media still use a photo of Trayvon Martin as a kid rather than a picture of the late-teen thug that pounced on Zimmerman.

Therre was never any real doubt that Zimmerrman acted in self-defence and a subsequent trial confirmed that.  The abuse of Zimmerman still continues however, but George is not intimidated.  He strikes back at his trolls with sarcasm and abuse.  He gives as good as he gets. He trolls the trolls.  They hate that.  Abuse and insult is supposed to be a Leftist preserve. Some episodes below

Last month, Zimmerman referenced Martin’s death when someone sent him the message: ‘It’s slap-an-idiot Wednesday.’

He replied: ‘We all know how it ended for the last moron that hit me. Give it a whirl cupcake.’

Hours later, he posted numerous racial slurs in a series of tweets as well as a selfie he took as he smoked a cigar in a swimming pool.

He posted pictures of Michael Brown and Vester Flanagan with the caption: ‘If @BarackObama had two sons’.

Zimmerman also branded President Obama an ‘ignorant baboon’ for his statements about the high number of gun-related deaths in America after the on-air shooting of WDBJ reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward.

Using a number of homophobic slurs, he wrote: ‘Pansy Fester [sic] lee Flanagan, too much of a daisy to deal w/racism. Murders 2 whites. Hate crime, 100%. Racist Obama says nothing condeming [sic].’



Anonymous said...

Zimmerman needs to raise his level of discourse and go on the offensive rather than reacting to the idiots. Roughly two thirds of Americans believe that you should not kill someone even if they are trying to kill you. Studies have shown that among those who have been violently attacked over three quarters would allow lethal force against the attacker. Thugs in the US take advantage of the two thirds because they find an even higher percentage of them in liberal upper middle class areas.


Bird of Paradise said...

Leading rags like the New York Slimes and other birdcage liners/parrots toilets spreading big lies about a man who shot a career crinimal just tells you how corupt the news media is

Alpha Skua said...

I see that blabbering old goat Al Sharpton wants to make it a crime for a white to soot a black in self defense In that case Sharpton BE GONE LEAVE AMERICA AND NEVER RETURN