Monday, September 21, 2015

Must not mention that many Pacific island nations are poor

Fiji in fact has reliable hydro electricity for the most part so the comment was ill-informed.  Some outlying resorts have their own generators, which can be unpredictable, however.  There are over 300 islands in the Fiji archipelago

ITV commentator Nick Mullins' Rugby World Cup hasn't got off to the best start with  on-air comments about Fiji  branded disrespectful and patronising.

During the call of England's 35-11 victory against Fiji in the World Cup opener, Mullins said: "They will be back in Fiji around one television hoping the generator doesn't fail them."

The Twitter response to Mullins comments was instantaneous with the comments slamming the remarks.

Many vented on Twitter their displeasure over what was perceived as an offensive remark by the commentator for the host broadcaster.

"ITV's commentator said an incredibly disrespectful thing about Fiji tonight," declared @SportsJOEdotie.

"He's a disgrace to the game of rugby!" tweeted @Tarabrowne3.

"Nick Mullins is an absolute embarrassment. Would ITV not have the vision to get Brian Moore and Johnathan Davies?" added @Leeelzevir.



Bird of Paradise said...

And guams going to tip over acording to some blabbering demacratic twat

Anonymous said...

Since when do we care about offending dictatorships that don't export oil?

Alpha Skua said...

Liberals need to get a life and Go Away