Tuesday, September 15, 2015

UK: You must not call residents sweetie or darling, care home staff told

Care home workers have been reprimanded for calling residents affectionate names such as sweetie, love, darling and handsome.

Critical inspectors told them the terms were ‘patronising and demeaning’ to the dozen adults with learning difficulties.

Staff also use family nicknames for some, such as Parsnip. They hit back at the ticking off, saying that the residents like the informal terms, especially those who have no relatives to visit them.

However, officials from the Care Quality Commission have insisted: ‘The language was meant to be friendly but it could be regarded as demeaning and patronising.’

They highlighted other failings at Brackenley Residential Care Home in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, marking it as ‘requiring improvement’.

The privately run home has pledged to make changes but declared that it would continue to call residents by the familiar and affectionate names.


The Southern practice of calling people "Honey" or "Hun" would be out too.  Being pleasant is forbidden! verboten! vietato!


Anonymous said...

I do not know the situation of course, but I do not like to be called such names by strangers.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:26 - It's a custom in many areas. I would even go so far as to say it's a part of the local culture for people to do that in some areas. Please try to bear that in mind and you should not only be able to get over the discomfort you feel but appreciate it for what it is, an honest attempt at being a friendly place.

Anonymous said...

Call the residents by their number!

Anonymous said...

... but perhaps "inmates" is a better term!

Bird of Paradise said...

The absolute heights of PC stupidity

Anonymous said...

Someone from outside the facility is telling the staff who work with the patients everyday and know their likes and dislikes what the patients SHOULD like to be called. I guess that does seem absurd when you put it that way.


Anonymous said...

I use "shithead" as an affectionate term when I talk with my conservative friends.

Alpha Skua said...

We have a few words for these PC liberal types IDIOTS,KNUCKLEHEADS,JERKS,NUMBSKULLS or in Bugs Bunny Poltroons and Milksops

Ray Booth said...

Sugar Tits?