Sunday, September 20, 2015

Pictures of women touching their bra are forbidden, verboten, vietato

I say "forbidden" in both German and Italian for emphasis

Actress Jessica Marais has done more than set pulses racing thanks to her new underwear ads.

The series of commercials filmed for Berlei's The Sensation, show's the blonde bombshell flaunting her figure in a series of different T-Shirt bra and matching underwear combinations and poking fun at herself.

While wearing a 'sueded fabric' bra, the Love Child actress is seen touching her bra in a manner like stroking her breast as she runs her fingers up from the side of her stomach to her shoulder.

The Packed To The Rafter's sexualisation of the every day product has outraged a number of fans, who have hit out online.

Many have flocked to the brand's Facebook page to share their discontentment about the commercial, which is aired at a time when children might still be in front of the television.

A 41-year-old woman wrote: 'After seeing these ads on tv there is no humour and definitely no confident strong female character ...The way she talks, acts and looks says nothing but immature, childish airhead to me. Sad, very sad.'



Anonymous said...

Must not show ads that may excite jealous old biddies. I am surprised she did not use the Muslim defence.

Anonymous said...

I have the impression that normal women want to be appreciated by men.

Anonymous said...

Any part of the body can be made erotic by fashion and later not at all, or hardly at all. A female breast is for giving milk to a baby, and its covering is for warmth and protection in a cold climate. Prehistoric people and maybe "natives in the jungle" today don't find female breasts particularly erotic.

Anonymous said...

I suppose all the Viagra adds do not bother these people? Personally, I find some of the Feminine Hygiene product adds cringe worthy.