Sunday, September 27, 2015

Brit was unaware of what a BAD word 'watermelon' is

A Channel 4 presenter has apologised after being accused of using a racial slur when he said Barack Obama was ‘smiling like a split watermelon’ during a meeting with the Pope.

The use of the phrase during a report on the pontiff's high-profile visit to the US last night sparked anger and dismay among those watching.

Matt Frei, Europe Editor for Channel 4 News, quickly moved to apologise and said he wasn't aware the watermelon is often considered a symbol of racism towards black people in America.

It dates back to a stereotype that the fruit is a favourite of African Americans.



Anonymous said...

The consequence of globalization means we must all be aware of the PC sensitivities in other countries, especially the US.

Anonymous said...

The connection between watermelon and blacks is extremely tenuous. Although blacks traditionally harvested most of the fruit and were generally given the broken and remaining fruit in the field the larger black population did not partake because it was more expensive than other available commodities.


Bird of Paradise said...

Watermellon is just a term for leftists enviroemntalists who are green on the outside and red inside we saw them at last year PEOPLES CLIMATE MARCH in New York we also call them Useful Idiots