Sunday, September 13, 2015

Must not criticize immodest women

An online petition has branded a radio host as 'inappropriate' with a 'misogynistic and sexist way of thinking' after he 'sl*t shamed' girls on air.

The petition was launched after New Zealand George FM Breakfast host Thane Kirby, together with co-host Kara Rickard, 's*** shamed' two girls by judging their Instagram photos.

In a segment which aired on Thursday, Thane and Kara labeled girls who 'sit around and post half-naked pictures of themselves' as 'do-nothing b******'. said a MediaWorks spokeswoman had confirmed the hosts had been suspended.

In the segment the hosts read out the full names of the girls whose Instagram photos they were judging, one of whom was 20-year-old New Zealand woman Keely Paige.

Miss Paige, who has overcome an eating disorder, contacted the radio station to share her story, saying she shared photos on social media because she finally felt confident with her body and hoped to inspire others.

Despite reaching out to the station, Kara continued to refer to her as a 's***' after the segment had ended.

Miss Paige has since made her Instagram account private. Miss Paige, who is currently in Canada, told 95bFM she had never been bullied on such a big platform before, and while the incident made her cry at first, she is now determined to make a change.

She said she planned to lodge a complaint with MediaWorks and the Broadcasting Standards Authority, but the worst part about the incident was Kara putting other women down.

'She compared me to a car that was gorgeous on the outside but has high miles,' Miss Paige told 95bFM.



Anonymous said...

Some people, mostly young it seems, think they can do whatever they like without being criticized.

Anonymous said...

It looks Office Depot has reversed their ban according to this WND article at

Anonymous said...

5:41 --- Ops, posted to the wrong topic. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

If the shoe fits then wear it. If you are a woman with multiple sex partners then the accusation of being a slut might be accurate. The sexism comes from a lack of an equivalent term for a man.

Bird of Paradise said...

Whats suace for the goose is suace for the gander