Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Must not laugh about illegal immigrants

Carlsberg is a beer popular in Britain

A Tory councillor is being investigated by council chiefs after sharing photo of a boat full of 14 naked women with a caption reading 'If Carlsberg did illegal immigrants'.

Mike Kusneraitis, a Conservative councillor on the Tory-run Runneymede Borough Council in Surrey, said he should be judged on his actions in the community, not by 'misjudged postings on social media'.

The councillor admitted making a number of 'offensive' postings on a Facebook page, which have now been removed.

Among the postings included a dog with a towel on his head and a sexually explicit cartoon, both posted on the Facebook page of the Peoples Front of Egham, which is currently unavailable.

He also posted an image on July 24 showing a boat full of 14 naked women, with a caption reading 'If Carlsberg did illegal immigrants'.

Writing on his own Facebook page at the weekend, Cllr Kusneraitis, of Egham, Surrey, apologised if he offended anyone.



Anonymous said...

The Love Boat... ♫♫♫

Anonymous said...

Carlsberg is a Danish beer even if popular in the UK and other countries.

Bird of Paradise said...

More nutcases from Greenpeace

Anonymous said...

The left have no sense of humour as they believe that someone is always offended unless that person is a conservative.

Alpha Skua said...

Q. What do you call a basement full of liberals? A. A whine cellar