Thursday, September 24, 2015

UK: Significance of drowned boy must not be questioned

Katie Hopkins causes rage by pointing out the now well-known reality.  How dare she disrupt an attempt at self-preening?

In response to an appeal for people to open up their homes to Syrian refugees, Katie Hopkins has said that Britain has been 'conned' into taking action by 'that picture of that child'.

The picture the controversial columnist is referring to is the haunting image of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi, whose body washed up on a beach in Bodrum when he drowned trying to flee the fighting in Syria with his family.

The mother-of-three made the comments during a 'blazing row' with George Gabriel from humanitarian charity Citizens UK on LBC Radio this morning, which culminated in Hopkins calling him a 'left-wing vegan lunatic'.

'It's absolutely typical of you people that one photograph allows them to be completely swayed,' said Hopkins.

'Because what we're talking about there is your feelings. You felt that because you saw that picture of that child - this isn't about making you feel better.'

When Gabriel challenged Hopkins to contest the fact that the child died trying to get to safer shores, she accused the charity representative of not doing his research.

'They were living a very happy and settled life in Turkey, but the father allegedly needed to cross those waters in order to get a better life for his family.

'But they were in a safe place, they lived in Turkey - so you need to research your facts before talking sir.'

Hopkins next accused the photo of Aylan being used as a emotional blackmail to 'con' Britain into re-homing refugees.

'None of the neighbouring nations, the Muslim countries that surround it -  some of the five richest nations on the planet - they have not taken in one single refugee, and why do you think that might be sir? Why do you think it is that Britain's been conned into doing this by one photo?' she said.



Anonymous said...

She has a point that the surrounding Arab countries are not taking in refugees.

Anonymous said...

Islam is as Islam does, and those theocratic Muslim states, where wealth is displayed in an almost obscene fashion, cannot offer a little material help to their own fellow muslims in their own neighboring countries, and think distant "Christian" Europe should take them all. So much for religious morality!

Anonymous said...

Folk remember that the LAST time Arab nations took in refugees they confined kept to camps, refused to let them get jobs and made them live in those horrible conditions for decades before the "Palestinians" were allowed land to return to and call their own again.

Frankly Arab nations are complete asses about refugees and forcing them to take on more would really only make problems worse.

Anonymous said...

Going to another Muslim country would not fit with the overall plan for Islam to invade and conquer the world.

Bird of Paradise said...

Islam just another of the so called Religion of Peace who was the fool who called it the Religion of Peace?

Anonymous said...

The left want the Muslims refugees because the left wants to destroy Western society because they hate it. They hate the fact that people are responsible for their own future.

Alpha Skua said...

Over running america with illegal aliens all part of the sinister CFR eletists,bankers and the United Nations and OIbama and the rest of the District of Crinimals