Sunday, September 06, 2015

Must not complain about badly behaved children

A nursery carer who labelled the children in her care w****** and a******s after she was bitten and spat on has been suspended from her job.

Hayley Neeson, a trainee 18-year-old early years worker, wrote a series of expletive-laden Facebook posts about the children at Forgewood Nursery Centre in Motherwell.

She uploaded the shocking posts after what she said was her first day back at work, during which she said she had been spat on, bitten and headbutted by children.

Neeson first described them as a 'bunch ae w******', before responding to a friend's reply with 'Aye... a a*******', the Daily Record reported.

However, her posts triggered outrage among parents and the community, and MailOnline understands she has now been suspended and an investigation into the incident at the North Lanarkshire-run nursery is under way.

One furious mother told the paper: 'I was lying in bed on Monday night with my little boy when I saw her post and was absolutely disgusted.

'People on her Facebook were outraged as soon as it went up and putting up comments saying they wouldn’t like their children to be at her nursery.'



Anonymous said...

The outraged parents' inferred she was referring to their very own "little darlings".
I wonder why they assumed such a "hurtful" thing? Personal experience perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Children are fairly good at detecting someone who doesn't like them and will respond in kind. I suspect the other adults did not get such treatment from the children.

Anonymous said...

If my kid was ever biting or spitting on one of the caregivers or teachers, I'd definitely want to know so I can correct it. I'd be shocked and embarrassed at my kids behavior and want to know why he was acting that way.

Anonymous said...

Venting about your work in private = no problems
Venting about your work in public = might get sacked.
You see the difference there...?

Bird of Paradise said...

Parents need to disipline their little brats more often instead of using some book written by some mush headed twat