Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Canada: Criticizing Muslims is forbidden! verboten! vietato!

It appears that he is homosexual so he has good reason to criticize Islam.  In a Muslim country he would be dead

A Richmond Hill teacher has been fired following a 10-week investigation into “racist” comments critical of Islam that he allegedly posted online.  Michael Marshall was dismissed following a meeting of the York Region District School Board (YRDSB) on Tuesday, said board spokesperson Licinio Miguelo.

Miguelo said no one at the school or the board would be available to comment further.  Marshall could not be reached on Tuesday or Wednesday for comment.

The investigation began after students at Richmond Green Secondary School discovered a Twitter account, @firstatheist, which featured a profile picture of Marshall and numerous tweets mentioning pupils’ names.

The @firstatheist account tweeted more than 4,500 times, including messages that said:

“I get sad when girls I teach decide to wear the hijab. I feel like a failure,”

“Hijabs make me sad.”

“Just have a trailer full of guns roll down the street and arm the ghetto. Oh wait that’s black ppl.”

“Kinda have this perverse urge to wear a hijab for a day and twerk in the street.”

“There is an absolute s***-ton of Muslims at Ikea tonight. Any special occasion?”

“I’m sorry but sharia law is incompatible with my democratic secular nation. You can have it, but keep it over there in backward land.”

The @firstatheist account has remained inactive since June 25.

Students also discovered the Twitter account linked to a Weebly blog post dated Aug. 25, 2014, where the author self-identified as a 30-something teacher in Toronto who runs a gay-straight alliance group. Marshall supervised a GSA club, as well as a slam-poetry society, at Richmond Green.

In 2010, a teacher at Woodbridge College named Mike Marshall was given an “Unsung Hero” award by the Educational Services Committee of District 16. Marshall was a teacher at the school at that time, where his score on the website ratemyteachers.com was an impressive 4.7 out of 5 stars.

More than 30 reviews on the site rate Marshall positively at Richmond Green, with students appearing to claim he is an “amazing teacher” who is “very understanding” and goes “that extra mile.”



Anonymous said...

Canada has degenerated into a restrictive country with reduced freedoms.

Anonymous said...

The teacher is very foolish to put such "tweets" or comments for public view or discovery. (Whether he is on the "straight" or "gay" side of the gay/straight alliance wasn't clear, but it's irrelevant to the issue.)

Bird of Paradise said...

Oh Canaduuuhhh looks like we'll just have to try and burn a few more maple leaves this fall

Anonymous said...

Canada deserves what it gets if they don't wake up soon. The PC brigade will destroy the country.

Alpha Skua said...

In Canada the nuts are falling lots and lots of nuts