Sunday, September 20, 2015

You have to be careful about how you deny being homosexual

Jeremy Kyle was furious when a guest made homophobic remarks on his show and he did not hold back with his cutting response.

The guest George was accused of being gay by his wife Jean but denied the accusations, saying he hated 'f***ing f******'.

Jeremy immediately leapt in calling him a 'stupid man', adding that the show's producer was gay and had been hurt by his 'disgusting' comments - and the Twitter community were right behind him.

In response to the programme, one wrote: 'This homophobic d****** is making me want to die.'

Another expressed his dislike of the guest and his respect for the host's berating, when he tweeted: 'People on the show are genuinely repulsive but this is quite a victory from JK's perspective.'

George had been brought onto the show by his wife, whose suspicions were raised by his regular disappearances and also his close relationship with a male friend.

After the friend in question, Rob, joined the stage on yesterday's how, George went through a lie detector test.

He was found not to have cheated on his wife but Jeremy told him 'that doesn't make you a good person'.



Anonymous said...

If only it was that easy to rid the world of homosexuals. the real challenge in the world today is to be a male white heterosexual and not upset anyone. Personally I couldn't give a rats what the rest of the world thinks.

Anonymous said...

The homosexual crowd are very aggressive about being "accepted" because they know that what they do is perverse.

Anonymous said...

9:28 sounds like a Nazi wanting to rid the World of population groups he doesn't like, but then the World couldn't give a rats what he thinks either.

Anonymous said...

11:57 By "aggressive" you mean they stand up for themselves. By "perverse" you mean you think they are. They know you think they are, but that is a subjective view. By "accepted" means to be treated without prejudice and hostility whether or not everyone likes them.

Bird of Paradise said...

Jermey Kyle needs to go soak his head