Thursday, September 17, 2015

Canada:  Must not criticise native Canadians

The Bay of Quinte Electoral District Association said on Tuesday that Sue MacDonell resigned after the association became aware that she “had posted some inappropriate content on her personal social media site, in her personal capacity.”

“Upon becoming aware of that content, the Association required and accepted her resignation effective immediately. The views expressed by the now former Board member will not be tolerated and do not reflect those of the Bay of Quinte EDA,” a statement from the association read. “There will be no further statements with respect to this matter.”

In a Facebook post from January, MacDonell wrote that “if Indians want to eradicate ‘racism’, then assimilate. Ditch the Hallowe’en costumes.”

She continued: “Or you can continue to blame others for your lack of industry, and remain perpetual professional victims. It’s up to them. Apparently, they’re just fine with remaining infants. And they wonder why people have no respect for them???”

On Sept. 4, MacDonell shared an article saying Cree beauty queen Ashley Callingbull had compared Stephen Harper to Hitler.

Callingbull had previously called on First Nations people to vote out the Conservative leader.

“Ewww ... what a nasty piece of work this one is,” MacDonell wrote alongside the article. “What a smug, entitled liberal pet she is. These are the monsters that they create.”



Anonymous said...

So she resigned for telling the truth? I would have made them fire me and then sued them for violation of my first amendment rights. Oh wait this is Canada, sorry Canadians have no rights.


Anonymous said...

You can replace N.A. with A.A. in the U.S. with same concept. Also true and also would get you in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Same problem in Australia. We have native professional victims that suck at least a billion dollars a year out of the economy. Either live your life as a native with no support or integrate and get what everyone else gets. No other option should be available.

Bird of Paradise said...

The contaminatating effects of diversity and multi-culteralism

Alpha Skua said...

PC is evil Stamp out Political Correctness