Wednesday, September 09, 2015

UK: The trivial things feminists get bothered about!

They are continually looking for "oppression" -- and find it even in where things are in supermarkets

 A supermarket has come under fire from feminists after they moved a science magazine into the 'men's interest section.

A woman photographed the magazine rack at a Morrisons store in Leeds, whre copies of the New Scientist magazine were positioned in the 'Men's & motor' section, away from the gaze of female readers.

Biology graduate Sophia Anam, who posted the snap on the Facebook page of the univerisity's feminist society, has spoken out about their outrage that the chain described the title as 'generally a men's general interest magazine'.

Speaking to student newspaper The Tab, Sophia said: 'Science is so incredibly fascinating and exciting - how anybody can argue that any of these things are 'a men's general interest' is beyond me.

'It's upsetting that even today in the 21st century I can walk into a supermarket and find that these ridiculous outdated gender stereotypes still exist.

Sophia contacted Morrisons to complain about the issue being shelved among copies of Men's Health, model train magazines and What Car?

The Tab reports that Morrisons replied to her, saying: 'Hi Sophia, after contacting our buyer on this the reason that this magazine has been placed under this section is that it is a generally a men's general interest magazine.

'By no means are we implying that can only be purchased by men and we appreciate that men will also find magazines they regularly purchase under the other sections, specifically those directed at women.'

The picture of the poorly placed mag was posted on the LUU FemSoc Facebook page, leading disgruntled members to angrily condemn the supermarket.



Anonymous said...

Stupid politically correct idiots !!!!

Anonymous said...

So, I'm assuming that women's hygiene products should be randomly mixed in with men's hygiene products.

Dean said...

Of course. That way people who identify either way can get whatever they want on the same shelf.

Anonymous said...

I'm envisioning a cinder block wall with a steel door and a security guard that will not let women into the "Men's and Motor" section.

Bird of Paradise said...

Political Correctness a form of liberal stupidity proves liberals don't think just open their mouths and babble mindless nonsense

Anonymous said...

What a waste of time this woman is. Grow up and get over it.

Anonymous said...

There should be a proper individual section on "Science and Technology" to which men, women and children would have easy access!!

Anonymous said...

I say randomly redistribute the magazines each time they're restocked, let's see who complains then.

Alpha Skua said...

If you listen to these ding-bats long enough you'll end up in the nut-house

Anonymous said...

Problem solved. Stock all magazines alphabetically like you would find in a library.